Celebrating Excellence: Ms. Katarzyna Zachariasiewicz's Remarkable Journey to IEC 61511 Expert Certification


Celebrating Excellence: Ms. Katarzyna Zachariasiewicz's Remarkable Journey to IEC 61511 Expert Certification
At Risknowlogy, we are committed to excellence in Functional Safety Management (FSM). Our team ensures the highest safety standards in projects and operations worldwide. To uphold this commitment, our professionals continuously strive for excellence and demonstrate unmatched competence in the field of functional safety.

We are thrilled to celebrate a significant milestone on this journey – the outstanding achievement of Ms Katarzyna Zachariasiewicz, a cornerstone in coordinating Functional Safety Management at Siemens Energy. Katarzyna has recently earned the prestigious title of Expert Functional Safety Manager (FSM) according to the IEC 61511 standard, with certification awarded by Risknowlogy.

The IEC 61511 Certification: A Test of True Expertise

IEC 61511 is globally recognised as the standard for safety instrumented systems and requires the implementation of Functional Safety Management. It sets an exceptionally high bar, ensuring that individuals possess theoretical knowledge and practical experience in this critical field.

Katarzyna's journey to certification was a testament to her dedication and expertise. It involved a series of rigorous assessments and evaluations that pushed the boundaries of her knowledge and experience. These assessments included:
  1. Training in FSM: Demonstrating her extensive training in Functional Safety Management to establish a strong theoretical foundation.
  2. Compelling References: Presenting references that attested to her capabilities as an FSM, highlighting her contributions to safety-critical projects.
  3. Real-World Case Studies: Showcasing her role as an FSM through compelling case studies demonstrating her impact on enhancing safety measures.
  4. Over 1500 Demonstrable Hours: Accumulating over 1,500 hours of demonstrable experience in Functional Safety Management, proving her hands-on involvement in critical safety projects.
  5. Expert Interview: Undergoing a thorough expert interview that delved into the depths of her knowledge and experience, further validating her expertise.

Setting New Standards in Functional Safety with Risknowlogy

Katarzyna's achievement is a source of pride for Risknowlogy. It underscores our unwavering commitment to excellence in functional safety projects. In our industry, competence is not just preferred; it's an absolute necessity. Katarzyna's IEC 61511 Expert certification, awarded by Risknowlogy, is a shining example of our dedication to upholding the highest safety standards.

In Her Words: A Glimpse into Katarzyna's Journey

"The certification process checks the candidate's knowledge and confirms practical experience on real projects through the interview," Katarzyna shares. Her succinct insight captures the essence of her journey – a rigorous process that validated her expertise and experience. See her Safety Passport®.

Join Us in Celebrating Katarzyna Zachariasiewicz

We invite you to congratulate Ms. Katarzyna Zachariasiewicz for this outstanding achievement. Her certification as an IEC 61511 Expert Functional Safety Manager, awarded by Risknowlogy, exemplifies our shared commitment to excellence in Functional Safety Management.

At Risknowlogy, we are proud to have professionals like Katarzyna Zachariasiewicz who lead the way in functional safety excellence. Thank you for being a part of our functional safety community.

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