Risknowlogy Vivid Vision 31 December 2026



This is Risknowlogy’s vivid vision for 31 December 2026. With this vision, we want clarity and direction for everybody at Risknowlogy including our customers and partners. 

What We Offer To The World

Our ultimate goal is to ensure that every employee returns home safely every day and that the industry operates in harmony with its environment.

We envision a world where opportunistic, reactive, and expedient companies are replaced with companies that positively contribute to humankind. We support companies to create safe work environments for their employees, customers, suppliers, and society. We offer products and services that enable companies to produce sustainably for all stakeholders.

Our values

Our values are safety, service, empowerment, and freedom. Everybody in our company understands and lives by our values. Why? Because they love and resonate with these values.

Safety as a value

We promote safety in the industry because we believe that everybody who goes to work deserves a safe working environment. But not only that, we believe that the industry’s impact on society and the environment must be minimal, and we support and help the industry to contribute positively to society and the environment.

Service as a value

We believe in service. We are here to help our clients and go the extra mile where needed. Our service is why our clients love us; a significant part of our business is based on return business.

Empowerment as a value

We are here to empower our employees, clients, suppliers, and partners. We teach what we know so all stakeholders can stand alone, feel responsible, grow, and are eager to work with us. Working with us is a win-win.

Freedom as a value

Freedom is our highest good. We are free to choose what work we do and whom we do it with.


OUr CulTuRe


Not our clients but our employees are our highest goods. We create an environment where they feel free, safe, and can grow. And they love it. We hardly need to go out to find new employees. Our people are so proud to work here; they are the biggest promoters of our company. They attract the next A candidates that join us. And who benefits the most from our happy employees? Our clients.


At Risknowlogy, we have an onboarding process that makes new employees feel at home, even more excited to get started and proud that they joined. The manager makes time for each new employee, takes them through the Three Most Important Questions exercise, and helps them achieve their goals.


We embrace technology; everybody loves it and uses it. We use it to work smart, not hard. We automate where we can, and we do more in less time. We embrace and implement AI effectively and creatively. We all get our work done quickly and have time left to innovate our products, services, and business processes. We love it, and our customers benefit from it.

Our Office

Everybody is allowed to work from home. For those that do, we have a virtual reality office. This virtual office is so cool that everybody, even those in a real office, checks into the virtual office every day. The design of the virtual office is fantastic. The spaces we offer are fun and inspire creativity and co-creation. We have spaces to meet, work together, meet with clients, and give presentations and training. The virtual office is modern, zen-like, green, and natural. Art is hanging on the walls, and there are quiet zones and zones where relaxed music is playing. We even have cool spaces to celebrate and party. And there, where we have an actual physical office, it is the same. Everybody loves coming to our (virtual) office.

What makes us tick


Our Training Is Transformative

We offer risk, reliability, and safety training but in an exciting way. Our students/customers love our learning system. They love the ease of use, the training courses we offer, and how we offer them. They feel special attending and that they belong to a community of like-minded people. After each training, they feel transformed. Our students are our best marketers. The whole world talks about our learning system. Our exams and certificates are globally recognised and valued as the best in class in the industry. We are positively talked about on LinkedIn and other social media and featured in podcasts, magazines and even on TV. Everybody wants to train with us.

Our Certification Creates Value

Our certification program is ISO 17065 and ISO 17024 compliant. Our clients love doing business with us because we are practical and fast. We effectively use technology to perform projects, and our customers love it. Our competitors are just stunned when they look at us. They have no clue how we do it, and they worry about their future. Governments and insurance companies love us and partner with us. They trust our certifications, and every day, they see the value our certificates create for their operations.

Our Tool Creates Transparency

Our online Business Master tool is the number 1 choice for compliance projects. We have 1,000+ paid accounts and a library of over 2,000 compliance checklists. The tool cuts compliance efforts by 50%, making projects fast and cost-effective. End users and managers love our tool as they can see the compliance progress of the projects their employees and suppliers are involved in. Engineers love our tool as it guides them on their path to compliance. The compliance checklists guide them, and they know exactly what to do.

What makes us tick


Financially Sound (of Music)

Our company is in excellent financial shape. We have no loans and can fund all our projects ourselves. At all times, we have over six months of operating cash. We have a track record of doubling our revenue year after year. Our profit margins are consistently 50%+.

Marketing & Irresistible Offers

As per Steve Jobs, our marketing is so effective it renders our sales almost obsolete. We excel at education-based marketing. We are so effective at marketing that most customers are convinced to buy before they see the price. When we make offers, they are so irresistible that not taking them would be foolish. Our clients love the value they receive for money.

Training Partner Program

We have opened up our learning management system to external training partners. The trainers who partner with us are not only experts in their field; they are also excellent communicators of complex technical topics. We have 100 trainers with over 200 training programs. Each training comes with the option to take an exam and get certified. Our trainers make a lot of money with our platform. We have shared over 1 Million EUR payouts with our trainers. Our trainers love it, we love it, and our customers love the training courses we offer.

Expert Affiliate Network

We globally support our clients with a network of local experts. We do this by uniting risk, reliability and safety experts operating independently through our affiliate program. We take care of marketing and sales, IT support, training, and QMS, and our experts deliver their expertise to our clients worldwide. The experts pay a percentage based on revenue with a maximum cap of EUR 10,000 annually. The experts love our program. They feel they are not alone, are part of a larger company, and, as such, all make more money by joining us than they would if they operated independently. We have over 100 expert affiliates in Europe, North America, the Middle East and Asia.

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