Unlock the true potential of your business with our innovative web-based tool. Designed specifically for project-based organizations, Business Master offers a range of modules to support the seamless implementation of your products and services. From internal standards to national and international regulations, our tool ensures every project is a resounding success. Manage your people, projects, and entire company with ease, transparency, and full compliance.

With Business Master, you're in control. Experience the practicality, transparency, and compliance that redefine the way you do business. From start to finish, our tool empowers you to navigate complex challenges effortlessly, leaving no room for compromise.

Harness the power of Business Master and witness your business reach new heights. It's time to elevate your projects, optimize your operations, and conquer the market. The path to success starts here.

modularITY at your fingertips

Tailor Business Master to suit your unique project needs. With Business Master, customisation is key. You can select the modules that align with your project requirements, making sure a perfect fit every time. The tool is dynamic and adaptable and revolutionises project management, compliance, and efficiency. Unleash the true potential of your projects and drive success like never before.

Modules Designed For Every Company

Project Management
Effortlessly oversee your projects with the intuitive project management module. Assign roles, upload documents, and create tasks, all in one centralized platform. Simplify your project management by choosing only the expert modules you need.
Document Control
Keep your project documentation organized and up-to-date with the robust document control module. Enjoy version control, verification, assessment, and other compliance features, guaranteeing document integrity and regulatory compliance.
Task Management
Efficiently manage project tasks and deadlines with the seamless task management module. Facilitate collaboration, monitor progress, and empower your team to work together effectively.
OKR - Coming Soon
Our OKR module empowers organizations to set, manage, and track their Objectives and Key Results seamlessly. It enables users to define ambitious objectives and measurable key results, fostering alignment and accountability across teams.

Expert Modules For Expert Projects


Navigate complex compliance requirements effortlessly with the comprehensive Compliance Master module. Demonstrate adherence to rules, regulations, international standards, and engineer guidelines. Simplify compliance management with our checklist-based approach.


Streamline document review and approval processes with the Review Master module. Implement workflow processes that accommodate multiple approval levels, including verifiers, validators, auditors, and assessors, ensuring thorough and efficient reviews.


Track requirements throughout the entire lifecycle of your product, service, or project using the Requirements Master module. Verify requirements at various stages, facilitate test case support, and maintain full traceability.

Checklist library
Access a vast library of ready-to-use checklists for diverse areas such as functional safety, business, marketing, and accounting. Choose from over 100 checklists, both free and paid, and even add your own to further customize your experience.
Life cycle Management
Your product or project needs to follow a specific life cycle model? With our life cycle module, you can create unique life cycles and their phases. Then you assign input and output documents and add tasks to phases that need to be completed.
Leverage the comprehensive Quality Information Database (QID) to access essential equipment information verified by Risknowlogy. Find reliability data, including failure rates, datasheets, certificates, safety manuals, and more. Benefit from an ever-growing repository of valuable information.

Simplify hardware integrity analysis according to IEC 61508 with the powerful SIL Master module. Create safety function architectures, effortlessly drag and drop devices from your library or the QID, and verify architecture and Probability of Failure on Demand (PFD) compliance according to IEC 61508.

Business Master Tool

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