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Transform Your Understanding of Functional Safety Management with Our Self-Study Course

Learn about Functional Safety Management as it is intended by the functional safety standards including best practices in the industry. Get your knowledge certified with a globally recognised FS Specialist in Functional Safety Management certification. 


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Do you want to know what Functional Safety Management means in practice? Do you want to become a functional safety manager? Are you struggling to understand functional safety management? Do you feel unsure about how to implement it in your organisation? You are not alone. Many functional safety practitioners face the same challenges. That's why we created this self-study course. It will provide you with a comprehensive understanding of functional safety management. Our course covers the five core concepts of functional safety management that every practitioner needs to understand.

You will learn about FSM as it is intended by the functional safety standards including best practices in the industry. By the end of the course, you will understand what FSM means, how it is applied and what it means for your company and your job. You will be able to confidently implement functional safety management. Furthermore you can earn a knowledge certificate. Don't let your lack of knowledge hold you back any longer. Sign up today and take the first step towards functional safety management success.

Key Course Outcomes:

  • The 5 core elements of functional safety management
  • Different life cycle models
  • The role of verification and validation
  • The role of assessments and audits
  • How to identify the work you need to do and thus manage
  • Six necessary procedures every FSM system needs to have
  • Difference between formally and technically correct documentation
  • How FSM is applied by different standards

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The Curriculum


At its core the Functional Safety Management training is a 10 lesson self-study program for functional safety practitioners that need to take their functional safety kills to management level. 

Each lesson consists of a 10-20 min video explaining a core functional safety management concept. In between you will find interim questions to test your knowledge.

In stead of getting lost in the requirements of functional safety standards this training program approaches functional safety management from a practical point of view.

Furthermore it includes bonus material that helps you create a safety case in your industry. 

By the end of this training program you will have a thorough understanding of what functional safety management is and how you apply it in your company. Best of all, you decide to, you get your knowledge certified as a Specialist in Functional Safety Management.

SIL and Functional Safety for Engineers, Project Managers, Department Managers and Consultants

Part 1 - Introduction to FSM

Functional Safety Management is all about the management aspects to achieve safety functions that are functionally safe. In this module we introduce FSM, why it is needed and what the difference is between FSM and project management.

Key topics:

  • What is functional safety?
  • What functional safety management deals with
  • Why it functional safety needs to be managed
  • The difference between project management and functional safety management
  • We need quality, resources, competency and a FS Manager
  • All stakeholders need to implement FSM

Part 2 - Five Core FSM Concepts

Functional Safety Management is government by five core concepts. These core concepts apply to any company, in any industry, dealing wanting to implement FSM successfully.

Key topics:

  • Every functional safety project has a safety life cycle
  • The safety lifecycle captures all information needed to run a functional safety project
  • The safety lifecycle helps to think systematically
  • Every stakeholder has their own safety life cycle
  • We need competent professionals
  • Competence versus competency
  • Competent in what?
  • You can get your competency certified?
  • Verification helps make less mistakes
  • Everything need to be verified
  • Validation is different from verification
  • Validation focuses on the real hardware and software
  • Validation is a phase in the safety life cycle
  • Assessors check the plan
  • Assessors investigate
  • Assessors are independent
  • Audits apply to "long" phases
  • Auditors examine
  • Auditors are independent
  • Everything needs to be documented
  • Documentation is the only way we communicate
  • Documents need to be formally and technically correct
  • Functional safety projects are based on procedures
  • There are core FSM procedures
  • There are life cycle based procedures

Part 3 - FSM and Standards

Part 2 perfectly explains functional safety management without taking into account any specifics of functional safety standards. These core concepts apply, no matter which standards you need to comply with. In this part we address some nuances as they apply to the below standards.

Key topics:

  • IEC 61508 FSM specifics
  • IEC 6151 FSM specifics
  • EN 5012X FSM specifics

Bonus Material

The majority of companies in the world claim to be SIL compliant but then do not implement FSM as required by the standards for whatever reason. In this bonus section we make the safety case for 3 different industries. With these safety cases you can go to your management and convince them of the necessity of FSM>

Key topics:

  • Business case for the railway industry
  • Business case for the process industry
  • Business case for the automotive
  • Invest in FSM


Art the end there as an online exam for those that apply for the FS Specialist certificate.
Knowledge and Role Certifications

Your certification options

You can follow this training with or without certification. When you choose to do the exam you can get a Risknowlogy FS Specialist certificate or a FS Specialist with Distinction certificate in the field or Functional Safety Management

There Is a Higher Level of Certification As Well.

This option is an addition to the scope of this course. It is a higher-level certification and focuses on practical experience you have as a FS Manager. With this course, you can get a combo deal if you want to include the certification of your practical experience as well. If you do not have practical experience yet we will help you. To achieve this certification, you need to:

1 - Submit 2 case studies using our templates. You get the templates as part of this course.
2 - Submit two references.
3 - Interview.

The certification title depends on the number of hours you can prove. Based on this course and the additional case studies, you can achieve Professional. But if you have enough hours also qualify as Expert or Master Functional Safety Manager.

NOTE: As a bonus we give you the templates for the case studies complete your higher-level certification absolutely free.

Dr Michel Houtermans

Founder of Risknowlogy, Functional Safety Master, Coach, Consultant

Passionate about Functional Safety since 1994

Dr. Michel Houtermans, Founder and Managing Partner of Risknowlogy GmbH, is an eminent expert in risk, reliability, and functional safety. With an MSc in Mechanical Engineering and a Ph.D. in Risk and Safety Management, he has significantly contributed to the industry. Under his leadership, Risknowlogy has become a global leader in functional safety certification, offering advanced training and tools for risk management. One of the first TUV Functional Safety Expert is renowned for his expertise, shared at various international forums. He has trained over 5000 engineers, developed numerous certification programs, and authored two books and many publications. His fluency in Dutch, English, and German further enhances his international reach and impact.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Can I cancel and get a refund if I'm and not satisfied?

We want you to be nothing but satisfied with your Risknowlogy training course. The course comes with a 7 day money back guarantee.
Exception: Once you have earned your Course Certificate, you are no longer eligible for a refund, even if you earn your Certificate within the 7 days refund period.
Please note: Charged credit card cost may not be refundable.

How does the exam work?

The exam is an open book exam with single, multiple choice and fill-in-the-blank questions. The exam is available at any time. You can do it as soon as you feel confident. Since it is an open book exam, there is not proctor.

Can I take a retake exam?

Should you fail the exam you can contact us for a free retake exam. If you want to achieve a higher score, then you can take a retake exam, but it will not be for free. Contact us for details.

What is the difference between a knowledge and role certificate?

When you do a training with an exam you get a knowledge certificate. When you can demonstrate actual hours spend in the role of Functional Safety Manager you can obtain a role certificate. If you do not have the hours yet, we help you achieve Professional FS Manager. For more information on Knowledge, Role and field Certificates click here.

Can I still join the training if the start date has already passed?

Yes you can. The start date is when this training "batch" starts. What is important is the end date and how many hours it takes to complete this training. If you feel you can easily finish the hours of training before the end date, then you can join. If you feel you need more time, enrol for the next upcoming batch.

Do I still have access to the training material after the end date?

Yes you will have access to the training material. After the end date you cannot take the exam any more. You need to finish your exam before the end date. You will still have access to the training material after the end date.

If I do not take the exam do I still get a attendance certificate?

No, we do not offer attendance certificates. The only certificates we offer are knowledge certificates and for those you need to pass the exam.
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