a robust future

Our brand

Who are we? What do we stand for? Where do we want to go? Who do we want to take along with us?
Over time we evolve, we grow, we globalise and most of all our world keeps changing. Our brand reflect the never ending journey.

Our name

The Risknowlogy name was created out of three components:


When there is less risk adversity, there is less effect of uncertainty on life. This is one basic condition to aim enjoyable happy and prosperous lives.

Risk calls for alleviation. Knowledge helps to drive to a prosperous place. Technology provides means to reach this place. We are Risknowlogy!

We shifted the focus of our company name Risknowlogy [rɪsKnɒləʤi] from the What – our field, to the How – our expertise. From the RISK to the KNOW[ledge]. And from now on our name stands as RISKNOWLOGY, pronounced as “ris-no-logy” [rɪsˈnɒləʤi].

Our logo

When you are in a circle of likeminded people and businesses who share values and visions great achievements are easy. When you shake hands with experts who support knowledge transfer, competency grows and makes the difference. When you know how to use technology a bridge is built between vision and materialisation.

Our home planet is the circle where communities develop and where we experience a sense of belonging. It is where each of us has an important role to play for sharing and reaching a place of prosperity. Knowledge is the intelligence to keep the direction. Technology is the vehicle to reach the place. This is the story board of our new logo.
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