MPTV Grounding Monitor Achieves SIL 1 Certification!


MPTV Grounding Monitor Achieves SIL 1 Certification!
We're thrilled to share this safety achievement in the handling of flammable and combustible products. PROINEX, based in Argentina, has successfully certified their MPTV Grounding Monitor as SIL 1 compliant according to the stringent IEC 61508 standards.

What makes the MPTV Grounding Monitor a game-changer? This innovative device is engineered to ensure the correct grounding of vehicles or containers during the transfer of flammable or combustible materials. It's not just a device; it's a guardian against the risks of electrostatic discharge, which can ignite flammable atmospheres during critical operations. The MPTV Grounding Monitor significantly minimizes the risk of generating a spark, making it an essential tool for hazmat, tankers, IBCs, vessels, railcars, and mobile tanks operations.

This certification is more than a badge of compliance. It's a statement of reliability and safety, backed by an independent certification from Risknowlogy Switzerland, demonstrating that the MPTV meets the highest standards of functional safety required by IEC 61508.

At Risknowlogy, we are proud to have partnered with PROINEX in achieving this significant milestone. This success underscores our commitment to enhancing safety and reliability in industries worldwide.

We're on a mission to make workplaces safer, and we believe SIL Certification is a critical step in that journey. If your company is considering SIL Certification for your products, let's talk. We invite you to contact us to set up a meeting and explore how we can support your goals in meeting the highest standards of functional safety.

Congratulations to the PROINEX team for this remarkable achievement, and here's to making the industry a safer place, one certification at a time. Thank you Ricardo A. Vittoni for your excellent support.

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