Big News from FlowVision: SIL 2 Certification Achieved for the FS Series!


Big News from FlowVision: SIL 2 Certification Achieved for the FS Series!
We're excited to share that FlowVision, a manufacturer of flow sensors from Germany, has just crossed a major milestone - their FS series products have been awarded the SIL 2 certification according to the IEC 61508 standards. It's a big deal in the world of functional safety!

The products that are certified include:

What's the FS series? It's FlowVision's solution for monitoring flow in gases and liquids. With this SIL 2 certification, they're not just meeting industry standards – they're raising the bar. It means their products are not just good, they're reliably safe.

Getting to SIL 2 isn't easy. It's all about proven performance and unwavering commitment to safety. FlowVision's journey to this point showcases their dedication to excellence and innovation. Their products are inherently safe.

This is more than just a win for FlowVision; it's great news for the industry. Their clients now have more options for safety devices they can truly trust. It's about giving people the freedom to choose the best and most effective solutions.

We at Risknowlogy are proud to have been part of this journey with FlowVision. Congratulations to the entire team – your hard work and innovation are what make the industry safer and better.

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