MIPRO Engineers Excel in Functional Safety Training with Risknowlogy's Dr Michel Houtermans


MIPRO Engineers Excel in Functional Safety Training with Risknowlogy's Dr Michel Houtermans
MIPRO, a leading company in functional safety, recently conducted a five-day training program on IEC 61508, in collaboration with Risknowlogy, the market leader in training and certification in functional safety. The training was held at MIPRO's facility in Mikkeli, Finland, and was conducted by Dr Michel Houtermans from Risknowlogy.

The training program was designed to provide MIPRO's engineers with in-depth knowledge and understanding of the IEC 61508 standard and its applications in functional safety. The program covered various aspects of functional safety, including risk assessment, safety integrity level (SIL) determination, and safety lifecycle management.

Eleven MIPRO engineers participated in the training, and after completing the program, they had to take an exam to test their knowledge. Those who passed the exam were awarded a knowledge certificate, which serves as evidence of their proficiency in functional safety.

MIPRO is proud of the engineers who completed the training and passed the exam. "Functional safety is an essential aspect of our business. We are committed to providing our engineers with the best training possible to ensure the highest level of safety in our products." said Juha Turunen, Mipro's safety manager.

Dr Michel Houtermans from Risknowlogy expressed his satisfaction with the training program's outcome. "MIPRO's engineers were highly motivated and engaged during the training program. They demonstrated a good understanding of the concepts and principles of functional safety and were able to apply them effectively in practical scenarios. We are confident that they will be able to use this knowledge to develop safer and more reliable products."

MIPRO has been actively promoting functional safety and has trained over 50 people in IEC 61508 and functional safety. With the recent training program's success, MIPRO plans to continue investing in training and development to ensure that their engineers have the necessary skills and knowledge to meet the industry's safety standards.

In conclusion, the functional safety training conducted by MIPRO and Risknowlogy was a resounding success, and MIPRO's engineers have demonstrated their commitment to safety and excellence. The knowledge certificate they received is a testament to their proficiency in functional safety and will undoubtedly help them in their future endeavors.

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