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When you bring together sensors, logics, and final elements to create a complete safety solution, Risknowlogy certifies it. We specialise in certifying a wide range of functional safety solutions, including High Integrity Pressure Protection Systems (HIPPS), Overfill Prevention Systems (OPS), Emergency Shutdown Systems (ESD), Burner Management Systems (BMS), Wellhead Control Panels (WHCP), Overspeed Protection Systems (TOP), Fire and Gas Systems (F&G), Tunnel Ventilation Systems (TVS), and more. At Risknowlogy, we take pride in certifying your solutions, ensuring they meet the highest functional safety standards.

our process, your success

Certification steps

Certifying your solutions with Risknowlogy is a straightforward and supportive process. We accompany you every step of the way, providing guidance, procedures, and templates to ensure your compliance with functional safety requirements.

Step 1. Kickoff meeting

Our kickoff meeting sets the stage for a collaborative and spirited certification process. We engage with all stakeholders, fostering a team spirit that guarantees the success of your certification journey.

Step 2. Functional safety management

At Risknowlogy, we embrace change and drive innovation in our industry. Through our expertise and forward-thinking approach, we keep our clients relevant in an ever-evolving safety landscape.

Step 3. Safety requirements specification
We meticulously review your safety requirements specification, ensuring completeness and correctness according to the applicable standards. The Safety Requirements Specification (SRS) holds immense importance as the cornerstone of your project.
Step 4. Hardware Devices and Architecture
With a keen eye for detail, we assess your hardware devices, including embedded software, for SIL compliance. Our thorough examination extends to verifying the SIL compliance of your hardware architecture, empowering you with confidence in its reliability.
Step 5. Hardware Reliability - PFD
Once your hardware design is approved, we perform a comprehensive reliability analysis. This can include a meticulous System FMEA) coupled with calculating the probability of fail dangerous (PFDavg or PFH) per safety function. This analysis will ensure that your solution is safe.
Step 6. Application Logic
We scrutinize your application logic, encompassing the parametrization devices. Whether it's the PLC or hardwired logic solver, we verify the integrity and efficacy of your application logic, enriching your safety solution with intelligent capabilities.
Step 7. FAT, iFAT, SAT (Validation)
Validation is a critical phase, and we stand witness to its success. Our validation process encompasses Factory Acceptance Testing (FAT), potential integrated FAT (iFAT), and Site Acceptance Testing (SAT). By overseeing these tests, we guarantee that your hardware and application program perform flawlessly, meeting safety requirements.
Step 8. User Documentation
Your end-users deserve comprehensive documentation that equips them with the knowledge to operate, maintain, and repair your safety solution. We verify and validate user documentation, ensuring it covers all aspects, including proof testing and bypass procedures, promoting safe and efficient usage.
Step 9. Certification Report
Upon successful completion of all steps, we issue a detailed certification report and certificate. This report transparently communicates the thoroughness of the certification process to stakeholders, outlining the performed steps and the achieved outcome.
Step 10. Certificate
Our certificate signifies that the end-user has received the solution they ordered, and it functions precisely as intended. With Risknowlogy's certification, you gain a mark of excellence, assuring stakeholders of the reliability and adherence to safety requirements.

Is there are higher level of certification
for the end-user?

Absolutely! Are you ready to take it a step further? We offer an advanced level of certification, ensuring that the solution delivered to the field matches the solution ordered. Our meticulous verification confirms that the installed solution operates precisely as specified in the safety requirements specification. Read on ...

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Today is the day to elevate your project with functional safety certification. We understand the challenges that come with functional safety, and our certification process takes your project to new heights.

Experience the practicality, speed, and cost-effectiveness of our certification process. Fill out the form below to request a complimentary consultation, receive answers to your certification inquiries, or kickstart a new certification project.

Our team is ready to guide you through the certification journey and unlock the full potential of your project. Don't hesitate to contact us and take the first step towards achieving excellence in functional safety.

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