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All our advanced training courses come with a knowledge certificate. Get trained, Pass the exam, and get certified.

Safety Passport

Each training comes with a Safety Passport®. The Safety Passport is an independently verified track record of your competence in risk, reliability and safety.


Want to get competent in functional safety and SIL? Follow our SILComp® personal development program

Training courses offered in the Middle East

Below are the training courses offered by Risknowlogy in the Middle East. For a full list of training courses visit our global training page.

Course Duration Exam Certificate Title Modus
Introduction to functional safety and SIL 1 Day No Yes  n.a. Classroom
Changes to the 2nd Edition of IEC 61511 AYOP* Yes Yes  Professional Classroom, Online
Functional safety and SIL for Safety Instrumented Systems 5 Days Yes Yes  Specialist, Engineer or Professional Classroom
SIL Verification and Calculation 2 Days Yes Yes  Specialist Classroom
PFD Calculations for SIL rated safety functions 3 Days Yes Yes  Specialist Classroom
Safe software according to IEC 61511 2 Days Yes Yes  Specialist Classroom
Functional safety and SIL for System Integrators 2 Days Yes Yes  Specialist Classroom
Functional safety and SIL for Operators 2 Days Yes Yes  Operator Classroom
Functional safety and SIL for Technicians  2 Days Yes Yes  Technician Classroom
  • AYOP = At Your Own Pace
  • All classroom courses are organised publicly. They can be organised in-house as well.

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Why Train With Risknowlogy?

Risknowlogy Middle East is an excellent choice. We offer you state of the art training in Risk, Reliability and Safety including SIL and Functional Safety according to IEC 61511, IEC 61508 and other international standards.

  • We have trained over 5000+ professionals world wide;
  • You get a trainer with a minimum of 20+ years subject matter experience;
  • Our courses come with exams and certification, you get certified;
  • You get a personal online competence record called Safety Passport for FREE;
  • Training locations in Dubai and Abu Dhabi.
  • The Founder of Risknowlogy, Dr. Michel Houtermans, is also the founder the TUV Certification program.


Get Trained, Get Competent, Get Certified

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