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Risknowlogy Training Experience

Training that keeps your employees knowledgable, your customers safe, and your business competitive

Risknowlogy Training Experience


At Risknowlogy training is a life time experience. You training with us does not start when you attend the training class. It starts long before that with an initial assessment. During the initial assessment you can evaluate yourself and see where you are currently standing concerning the subject matter. Once you know, we can help you prepare yourself through basic training and our online knowledge base. Once you feel confident you can take a real assessment based on real test exams and if you want feedback from a subject matter expert. When you are ready you follow our advanced training which prepares you for the personal certification. The certification is based on a final exam which can exist of an exam and/or case studies. The results of your accomplishments will be added to your personal Safety Passport. The Safety Passport is a track record of your competency in the field of risk, reliability and safety. But the journey does not stop here. You can keep your knowledge up to date by attending our Prime Intelligence events. This is were we share with you the latest developments in risk, reliability and safety.

Risknowlogy Training Experience Key Points

Risknowlogy trains and certifies competence all over the world. Contact us today to get started.

Initial Assessment


Basic Training addressing fundamentals of SIL and Functional Safety




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Advanced training for professionals and specialists

Final Assessment



Your personal Safety Passport

Prime Intelligence

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