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SIL Verification and Calculation Training (IEC 61511)

Course is fully updated and compliant with IEC 61511 2nd edition.

About SIL Verification and Calculation Training course

Imagine your company has been working on a major project and it’s now time to prove that the safety instrumented functions that you’ve designed, meet all the requirements of IEC 61511.
TUV Functional Safety for Safety Instrumented System

  • How do you do that?
  • How do you know your people did the work according to the standard?
  • And, crucially, how do you prove this to your customer?

This course will help you streamline your SIL verification processes. It will teach you how to demonstrate that SIFs are SIL compliant. This course will make the difference for you:

  • It will show your customers that your are competent in SIL Verification and SIL Calculation
  • It will give you a better position within your company and thus job security
  • It might even give you a higher salary, since you will be more qualified then others

Course objectives

Following the Risknowlogy program will ensure that your safety engineers do the work correctly. And if the work is done correctly, by competent people, then we at Risknowlogy can certify the work you’ve done quickly and easily. You know you did it right, we know you did it right and your customer knows you did it right too.

The objective of the course is to give Functional Safety Professionals in depth and practical experience of SIL Verification and Calculation according to IEC 61511 and is the next stage in their professional development.

Delegates who successfully complete the post-course case studies will have their competence certified. And, when you are certified, if you follow the program developed by Risknowlogy for SIL Verification and Calculation, you can get your next project assessed and certified through the Risknowlogy Functional Safety Certification.

Get Your Personal Knowledge Certificate

Risknowlogy offers the opportunity to get your knowledge in SIL Verification and Calculation certified. In order to achieve certification the following eligibility requirements apply:

  • Delegates need to be certified Functional Safety Professionals, Functional Safety Engineer, FSEng, or Functional Safety Expert
  • Delegates need to follow this course
  • Delegates need to submit the post-course case studies for approval


You can attend this course if you are a certified Functional Safety Professional.

What you will get

All applicants receive:

  • The course material in printed format
  • SIL Verification checklists
  • A Risknowlogy Certificate of Attendance
  • A Risknowlogy Safety Passport
  • Upon successful completion of the post-course case studies a certificate with the title Risknowlogy Certified Specialist
  • The Risknowlogy certification is recognized world wide

Course information

  • Course dates: See our public schedule, in-house training available upon request
  • Course and case study material language: English
  • Course instruction language: English, Dutch, German, French, Italian, Spanish
  • Duration: 2 days + post-course case studies

Who should attend

Anybody involved in SIL Verification.

About the case study

This SIL Verification and Calculation Training IEC 61511 comes with personal certification which you can achieve after passing the exam, i.e., the case studies. You need to submit two case studies to prove that you gained the knowledge from the course and that you know how to perform SIL Verification. You select two independent safety instrumented functions and you use our checklists that we provide you with during the course to perform your verification. Your case studies will be reviewed by a Risknowlogy expert and upon succesfull completion you will receive your knowledge certificate with the title Risknowlogy Certified Specialist.

You will be able to

  • Correctly verify SIL loops according to IEC 61511
  • Understand how to read product certificates

What this course covers

Day 1:

  • Introduction to SIS and Verification
  • Introduction to SIL Verification
  • The safety function
  • Safety requirements specification
  • Architecture and hardware

Day 2:

  • PFDavg and PFH calculations
  • Application software and device configuration/parametrization
  • Basic safety & user documentation
  • Validation (FAT, iFAT, and SAT)
  • Risknowlogy Certification Program

Frequently asked questions

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