LOPA training

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  • Length: 1 Day
  • CPD: 8 hours
  • Personal Development Program(s): HRA, SILComp
  • Exam: Yes
  • Certification: Specialist
  • Safety passport: Yes
  • Availability: Public, In house

Course Description

This one day course covers the fundamentals of Layers of Protection Analysis or LOPA. You will learn the fundamentals of LOPA according to the best practices in industry. This course combines theory with practical work. When you complete this course you will understand what LOPA means, how it is applied and what it means for your company and your job.

What you will get

All participants get:

  • Course material in printed format
  • Exam
  • Certificate based on exam results
  • Safety passport

Knowledge Certification

LOPA Training Specialist with distinction

Certified LOPA Specialist

This course comes with an exam and personal knowledge certification.

  • Specialist Certificate for those that obtain 60% or higher on the exam
  • Specialist certificate with distinction for those that obtain 85% or hire on the exam
  • Certificate of Attendance for those that do not pass the exam

Who should attend LOPA training?

Any professionals that required to attend LOPA sessions in their workplace.

Course content

  • Introduction to LOPA
  • Why and when LOPA
  • Functional Safety Management
    • Who should attend: Team members
    • Roles and required competencies
    • Verification, Assessment and Audit
  • LOPA Process
    • LOPA Process
    • Scenarios
    • Consequences
    • Safeguards
    • Independent protection layers
  • Developing scenarios
  • Identifying independent protection layers
  • Writing the LOPA report
    • Typical content LOPA report
    • Good and bad examples
    • Template
  • Follow up on LOPA
    • Who manages the followup?
    • LOPA review meeting
  • Conclusions
  • Exam

Personal Development

Participants in the LOPA training course can further develop their HRA and SIL skills be attending the following courses:

  • HAZOP training
  • HAZOP/LOPA Leadership training
  • SIL Verification and calculation

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Our trainers are:

  • Dr. Michel Houtermans
  • Parag Nernurkar
  • Mandar Phadke
  • Didier Turcinovic
  • Ricardo Vittoni