Safety Passport




More information about the Risknowlogy Safety Passport

For more information about the Safety Passport click HERE. To see an example of a Safety Passport see the passport of John Doe.

How to order your Risknowlogy Safety Passport

Use this product to order a review of your existing training certificates that you want to add to your personal Safety Passport. Based on the number of certificates you have please select the appropriate option above.

The terms and conditions

This products comes with the additional terms and conditions:

  • We can only accept valid certificates from publicly available courses or courses where we can verify your attendance.
  • The verification and final decision is at the discretion of Risknowlogy.
  • There is no refund for certificates not accepted. Wether we accept your course certificate or not, we spend time on verifying your certificate.

Additional information

How many certificates?

1 Certificate, 2 Certificates, 3 Certificates, 4 Certificates, 5 Certificates, 6 or More Certificates