Safety Passport

The Risknowlogy Safety Passport

Your Personal Competence Record – Independently Verified

Safety Passport

The Risknowlogy Safety Passport is a publicly accessible competence record, which documents the certificates or attendance of risk, reliability and/or safety related courses by the professional. The holder of the Passport can prove to the world at any point that he is qualified to perform specific safety related work.

This Passport documents for each person:

Check out the Safety Passport of John Doe.

How to get your Safety Passport

Anybody with formal training in risks, reliability and/or safety subject matters can apply for this Passport.

Have you been or will be trained by Risknowlogy?

No worries, your Passport is already included in the service and you will receive it upon completion of your training.

SILComp training courses

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Have you been trained elsewhere?

Professionals with external trainings or certificates can purchase their Passport and have their documents verified.

Purchase your Safety Passport

External certificate holders

Why a Risknowlogy Safety Passport

Within industry, there is an increasing requirement to verify credentials. We give you the opportunity to let you and others access all your certificates and proof of competence at any point. Add your Passport link to your CV, Facebook, LinkedIn or google+ profile to promote your competence.


Who is using this Passport?

Too many to mention! There are currently 2075 professionals with a Risknowlogy Safety Passport.

Would you like to know more about the Passport?

Contact us and we will answer any open questions you may have