Safety Passport of Hebbale Ananth

Student ID number: 538

This Safety Passport of Hebbale Ananth is a personal competence record - Verified by Risknowlogy.

Risknowlogy Safety Passport Mark

Risknowlogy Course(s)




Functional Safety and SIL for Safety Instrumented System (IEC 61511) Professional Certified Certificate

Other Course(s)



Certified PHA HAZOP Leader/ Facilitator Certified Certificate
Safety Engineering Certified Certificate
Quantitative Risk & Reliability Assessment Certified Certificate
M269 Safety Instrumented Functions Certified Certificate

About the Safety Passport of Hebbale Ananth

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  • Title:
    • Risknowlogy knowledge competency certificates:
      • Operator - FS Ops,
      • Technician - FS Tech,
      • Engineer - FS Eng,
      • Specialist - FS Specialist,
    • Risknowlogy roles competency certificates
      • Professional - FS Professional (>40 hrs), and
      • Expert - FS Expert (>1500 hrs), and
      • Master - FS Master (>3000 hrs).
    • TUV SUD certifies the following titles:
      • Engineer (Exam score >60%)
      • Professional (Exam score >75%)
  • Expires: Indicates the date this competency expires and needs to renewed to stay active. There is no date in case the certificate is for life.
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    • Completed: The passport holder has completed a course without certification or has not completed the certification yet.
    • Certified: The passport holder has completed a course and got successfully certified. Certification was based on an exam and/or one or more case studies.