Looking for Sustainable Profitability?

Are you a Company Owner, CEO, or Managing Director? Do you want to become more profitable but feel you have issues with risk management, reliability and/or safety then we can help you.

  • Assess your company with a simple to use Template
  • Five Risk Areas – 25 potential risks to evaluate
  • Add as many other topics as you wish
  • Create a risk based plan, create sustainable profits for the futures


Evaluate 25 potential risks to assess your companyRisknowlogy-certified-organisation

Risknowlogy Middle East – Your Partner in Risk, Reliability and Safety

Risknowlogy Middle East, Dubai, UAE,  is a member of the Risknowlogy Group from Switzerland. We provide products, services, consulting, certification and training in the field of risk, reliability and safety. At Risknowlogy we believe that companies should make decisions risk based. This means basically that if there is no risk, do not take any measure that make our organisation unnecessarily beaurocratic. On the other hand when there is a risk issue make sure you have reliable solutions. And sometimes these solutions need to be safe as well.

At Risknowlogy we believe in the 10-20-70 approach. We train your people 10% of the time. We coach them 20% of the time and the remaining 70% your people implement what they have learned at your organisation.

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