Do you need help understanding or implementing functional safety?

Did you know that companies that focus on safetyincrease their revenue, improve their profit margins and have more customers and suppliers?

Did you know that companies that focus on safety have more content and loyalemployees? Improve their reputation, and attract better talent?That is how businesses thrive.


Functional Safety

SIL Certified Overfill Prevention Systems

There are many tank farms around the world. You would think those tank farm operators would, from a business point of view, not be interested in overfilling a tank. How is is that good for business? Yet, today, many tank farms still have very poor tank-level management systems and procedures in place. They are not in a position to manage overfilling properly and in a safe manner.

The Spurious Trip Level™ Concept For Safety Functions

Risknowlogy®, a leading provider of services, consulting, training and certification in the field of risk, reliability, and safety announced today a new safety system metric that can be used for safety functions and systems that need to comply with IEC 61508, IEC 61511 and related functional safety standards. The new metric is called Spurious Trip Level™ and can be used by end-users, system integrators and product developers to classify the performance of safety devices, functions and systems. The Spurious Trip Level™ is particular important for end-users as they can measure how much asset protection is achieved with the designed safety system.
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