Wenlen Valves and Pneumatic Actuators SIL Certified

risknowlogy 2011-01-18

Buenos Aires, Argentina – January 2011 – Risknowlogy ®, a leading provider of risk, reliability, safety services, engineering, consulting, training and certification announced today that it has completed the reliability study on the WENLEN ESDV valves series WB5 and WPGS, and pneumatic actuators series WA4C.

The main function of the ESDV valve + pneumatic actuator arrangement is to allow a fluid, like oil or gas, to flow without restrictions during normal process operation. The safety function is to provide a shutdown within minimal time by stopping the flow when air pressure its removed from the actuator upon a demand.

Risknowlogy has performed qualitative and quantitative reliability analysis on these devices. The reliability analysis consisted of FMEA and Markov analyses to quantify the functional safety attributes of the devices. The results of the studies are explained in corresponding technical reports which include the final certification in the form of a Functional Safety Data Sheets™ (FSDS). “The FSDS” explains Ricardo Vittoni, Managing Partner Risknowlogy Argentina, “demonstrates the most important functional safety properties of the devices including the SIL and STL levels for which they are suitable, the safe failure fraction, the failure rates, etc.”.

The reliability analysis demonstrated that these Type A devices, when properly combined, are reliable enough to achieve an appropriate safe failure fraction and a low dangerous failure rates during the service time (15 years for valves and 5 years for actuators), which make them suitable to be used in safety functions up to SIL 3, per IEC 61508.

About Wenlen

Since it was founded, Wenlen has been devoted to manufacture equipment for the oil and gas industry, with the support of ISO 9001, API 6A, API 6D, and API 16A certifications. Wenlen has a modern manufacturing plant, located in the Province of Buenos Aires, Argentina, with a surface of 10,250 m2, which is equipped with the latest manufacturing technology. For more information visit www.wenlen.com

About Risknowlogy

Risknowlogy is a leading provider of technical risk, reliability, and safety services, engineering, consulting, training and certification solutions. Risknowlogy is located in Switzerland, Argentina, Germany and The Netherlands. For more information visit http://www.risknowlogy.com