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Functional Safety and SIL for Safety Instrumented Systems

This course must  be done by all individuals dealing with SIL and automation.
Manoj Kumar., Petrofac, UAE
This course gave me a lot of new knowledge and procedures concerning SIL and functional safety.
Viswanathan S., Exterran, UAE
Wonderful course. Thank you, for the knowledge provided.
S. Booparthy, Exterran, UAE
Everybody should know about functional safety management.
M. Almoumen, Aramco, Saudi Arabia
Trainer is amazing. The explanation and the way he manages the entire session, which is a relatively heavy subject with ease and passion. I would strongly recommend this course to anybody who needs to understand functional safety, FSM and the lifecycle activities.
R. Saravanan, Petrofac, Oman
Great course. It is so important to know IEC 61511 and Functional Safety.
H. Alshatti, Equate, Kuwait
Excellent and effective course.
Deepa R., Petrofac, Oman
The explanation of the the instructor is amazing.
T. Al Akhzami, OMAN LNG, Oman
It was a very good experience and learning on the SIL topic. It is a well structured course with sufficient information/training.
S. Vora, McDermott, UAE
Very contented course. I acquired better knowledge of why functional safety is essential.
K. Thuraisingam, McDermott, UAE
The course to get knowledge on functional safety and SIL.
A. AlHaddad, SNC Lavalin FE, Saudi Arabia
Everything was positive as we learned a new topic from A through Z.
Anonymous, Oman
Best course and best presenter ever.
Anonymous, Oman
Excellent trainer and very good course content.
M. Al Busaidi, Occidental, Oman
Excellent trainer. It helped me understand the important of functional safety in the process industry.
Z. Al Abri, Occidental, Oman
Everybody should follow this course and gain the knowledge in functional safety.
I. Al Sharyani, Occidental, Oman
As an end-user of SIS it is extremely important to know how to select, operate and maintain SIS’s. The trainer made the course interesting with a high level of enjoyment for an important topic.
A. Al Zakwani, Occidental, Oman
It was important to learn about functional safety and how important a topic it is.
Y. Al Mamari, Occidental, Oman
The slides and its content were perfect.
A. Al Ghafri, Occidental, Oman
The course material and trainer knowledge are fantastic.
P. Dhamodaram, Farah Experience, UAE
Course content and examples are very good. It enhances the knowledge of every engineer.
Deepak. D, McDermott, UAE
The material is very good, it gives much clarity about functional safety.
Deepak. S, McDermott, UAE
This course is very complete, and the training is made simple and clear. It was a very useful course for our projects and explains how important it is to comply with the standard.
Majdi. S, Dar, Lebanon
The course teaches you that functional safety is necessary for all disciplines, very useful.
B. Menon, Dragon Oil, UAE
Trainer was very patient to listen & answered to all questions.
Rajehskumar L., UAE
Effective course teaching all the knowledge about SIL, SIS and SIFs from the basics to the details.
Well organised course that teaches you functional safety in depth.
S. Nellayappan, Equate, Kuwait
This course is very good. I learned a lot.
G. Tkrulja, FLSmidth, Denmark
This course gives you all the detailed information you need to manage your SIS and functional safety. Very informative and relevant.
P. Sridharan, Tebodin, UAE
The course was excellent, from content up to delivery. Eveyr body should learn about FSM.
H. Al Tawil, Aramco, Saudi Arabia
Excellent course that delivers a lot of information about SIS and tools for SIS.
H. Al Mesoudy, Iraq
Very well course and very informative. Every colleague should follow this course to gain knowledge about functional safety.
K. Al Abouli, ADNOC, UAE
Excellent course to learn functional safety. Very good course.
B. Boutoutou, ADNOC, UAE
This course is excellent to develop your career path and to gain knowledge.
P. Walsh, Alderley, UAE
The trainer is highly competent, has explained the course material very well in an excellent manner and easy to understand way.
M. Gajjar, ADNOC, UAE
Great course to understand and apply concepts related to safety systems and to consider them while we bid for new projects. The training sessions where well organised and with good content.
F. Bhutta, Alderley, UAE
Excellent course if you want to understand the standard. Enjoyed the course, excellent trainer and great material.
H. Jadav, Alderley, UAE
Fantastic trainer, demonstration of gaps between standards & industry trend. It is setting a good foundation for my projects involving SIS.
Z. Ansari, DNVGL, UAE
Very good trainer with full knowledge no the subject and always full of energy to answer all questions.
R. Andharia, McDermott, UAE
Very enlightning course. Learned the fundamentals of functional safety.
B. Naralocnik, Comita, UAE
This course is very effective in teaching functional safety for safety instrumented systems. Details are explained in an easy to understand manner.
S. Lakshmanachuryulu, ADNOC Offshore, UAE
This course is very effective in teaching functional safety for safety instrumented systems. Details are explained in an easy to understand manner.
S. Lakshmanachuryulu, ADNOC Offshore, UAE
Well organised course. It gave me in depth knowledge about functional safety.
S. Nellayappan, Equate, Kuwait
This course met my requirements and gave me lots of functional safety knowledge and awareness.
M. Shujauddin, Saudi Aramco, Saudi
Follow this course if you want to improve you skills in functional safety or in your organisation. It is very useful and has a lot of contents.
S. Al Ghassani, Occidental, Oman
Anybody who should be familiar with risk and its impact on process design or who need to design the right SIS should attend this course.
S. Al Abri, Occidental, Oman
Very good for anybody who needs to understand SIS and the importance of SIS.
M. Al Kaabi, Occidental, Oman
Very beneficial for any body involved in SIS. You learn about FSM, hardware and software and much more.
H. Al Waili, Occidental, Oman
A lot of information related to SIS.
M. Al Hajri, Occidental, Oman
If you are involved in SIS,  this is your course.
A. Al Amri, Occidental, Oman
Trainer clearly explained the SIL concepts as they apply to SIS and I feel that I learned something really valuable for my job and career.
R. Saravannan, Petronash, UAE
Absolutely nothing negative about this course. A must follow course for if you want to get certified in SIL.
Prince Presannan, Alkhorayef, Kuwait
It’s a must course for all professionals associated with functional safety
Sudhir Bane, EGA, UAE
Very informative and at the right pace.
Siew Aun Kung Lim, ABS Group, UAE
Safety is a mandatory subject in our company and in order to achieve it we must attend trainings courses like these.
Reem Al Shkeili, EGA, UAE
Most perfect course ever. The trainer made it more interesting and well.
A. Al Jabri, Occidental, Oman
Everything was well organised and systematic.
Haitham AlHarthy, Occidental, Oman
The trainer is very good/excellent and coverage of functional safety is high.
M. Al-Mahrouqi, Occidental, Oman
Easy to understand from the course notebook.
T. AlSiyabi, Occidental, Oman
In general, the course was very very useful.
A. Al-Azizi, Occidental, Oman


Functional Safety and SIL for Technicians

My safety skill were developed in this course, it is a very good course.
J. Mohan, Bapco, Bahrain
Very useful and informative course. It clearly explains the daily activities and the skills of OMR professionals in relation to SIL and functional safety.
H. Safar, Bapco, Bahrain
This course is useful for understanding daily task. We should receive this course every 3 or 4 years.
A. Redha Hayat, Bapco, Bahrain
Gained good knowledge on SIL and functional safety for may daily job.
R. Al Halwashi, Bapco, Bahrain
The course was well organised and gave me good knowledge.
Sami M.A. Aal, Bapco, Bahrain
Every technician should follow this course to learn about the important aspects of safety functions.
P. Sheth, Bapco, Bahrain
Very useful and work related. Excellent job.
M., Bapco, Bahrain
Every technician should follow this course to improve their skills.
A. Obaid, Bapco, Bahrain
Well prepared, presented & when required detailed in the best way possible. Lots of examples. Highly recommended.
S. P.V., Bapco, Bahrain
This is a very good course for all field technicians. Delivered in an excellent way.
Anonymous, Bapco, Bahrain
It made me very much aware of safety. The course meets my requirements.
M. Husain, Bapco, Bahrain
It enhanced my knowledge and clarified the importance of the SIF for my work as technician.
S. Surendra, Bapco, Bahrain
This course is very informative for field technicians. Excellent course.
G. Buendia, Bapco, Bahrain