TUV FS Expert in Functional Safety Management

risknowlogy 2005-09-15

Schinveld, The Netherlands – 2005-09-15 – Risknowlogy is very excited to announce that one of its top safety consultants has become a TUV FS Expert with the TUV Rheinland Group. Dr. Michel Houtermans of Risknowlogy is the first to receive a TUV FS Expert Certificate for Safety Instrumented Systems as well as Functional Safety Management. His TUV FS Expert ID is 110/05 which can soon be found on the TUV website (www.tuvasi.com).

“Afther having developped and brought to market the CFSE program for TUV South Germany”, says Michel Houtermans , “it was not possible for me to call myself CFSE, this would be unethical having developed the program myself. Now with the new TUV Rheinland program it was possible for me to have my creditials independently verified and certified.”

TUV FS Expert in Functional Safety Management

Good functional safety management (FSM) forms the basis for achieving a functionally safe safety system. FSM is a requirement of IEC 61508, IEC 61511 and other functional safety standards. With the trend in industry to only focus on PFD calculations it is grossly neglected by end-users, system integrators, and product developpers. “It is shocking to see how companies involved in functional safety deal with FSM. It is either completely neglected or it is believed to exist in the existing quality procedures of a company.” says Michel Houtermans, “Companies just don’t realize the importance of FSM. Without sound FSM functional safety is just a lucky shot and cannot be guaranteed.”.

Besides being the first TUV FS Expert for Functional Safety Management Michel Houtermans is also the chairman of the Safety Management subcommittee at the ISA Safety Division and has published numerous papers on the topic. He has an MSc in Reliability Engineering and a PhD in Risk and Safety Management.