TUV Competence Logos

risknowlogy 2014-08-19

TUV SUD releases new TUV Competence Logos

As part of the TUV Functional Safety Certification Program TUV SUD has released new logos to be used by TUV SUD certified delegates. These TUV Competence Logos apply to certified professionals as well as certified experts in the following industries:

  • Generic Safety Systems – IEC 61508
  • Automation – IEC 62602
  • Automotive – ISO 26262
  • Process Industry – IEC 61511
  • Siemens Professional – IEC 61511

Every professional, engineer, or expert that meets the strict TUV SUD qualification criteria will receive this logo. Each logo will have the delegates designation, the industry sector, and the personal ID number. This logo can be used on their business cards and websites. See the examples below:


Process Industry Competence Logos

TUV Competence LogosTUV Competence LogosTUV Competence Logos

Automotive Competence Logos

FSCP - FS Professional - AutomotiveFSCP - FS Engineer - AutomotiveFSCP - FS Expert - Automotive

Automation Competence Logos

FSCP - FS Professional - AutomationTUV SUD competence logosFSCP - FS Expert - Automation

Siemens FS Professional competence logo

FSCP - SFSP - Professional

Railway Competence Logos

FSCP - FS Professional - RailwayFSCP - FS Engineer - RailwayFSCP - FS Expert - Railway