Certification of People

Risknowlogy organises training courses for you to become a TUV Functional Safety Engineer. The Risknowlogy Certification Program organises SIL certification courses under the SILComp® program. SILComp® stands for SIL competency and represents a competence certification scheme for people that want to get their knowledge in SIL certified. Where possible, Risknowlogy cooperates with certification partners like TUV SUD. In the fields where we are the leaders the participants receive certification under the Risknowlogy Certification Program. Our program is compliant with ISO/IEC17024 – Conformity assessment – General requirements for bodies operating certification of persons.


SILComp® Training Courses

Our SILComp® training program consists of the following courses:


Training Schedule

We organise our training courses around the world and on a frequent basis.  The latest training schedule is available here.



In 1998 Dr. Michel Houtermans (Managing Partner at Risknowlogy) was working as department manager for functional safety at TUV SUD. At the time he was responsible for developing the competency training program from basic idea to a marketable product. In 1999 the program went live and the first exam was held in Boston, MA, USA. Since then this program has changed industry and its attitude towards functional safety. Thousands of professionals have been trained world wide. Different organisations are now offering people certification all competing with each other. The TUV SUD program was and still is a great success.

Your Title Is Important

 TUV Functional Safety Engineer

Your personal TUV logo

Now that the certification courses are offered by many competitors there is a multitude of designations going around. You can be a certified TUV FS Professional, Engineer, Expert, FSEng, and whatever else they came up. The importance is that you identify yourself in the correct way without being misleading. Don’t get the title expert if you are not an expert, you don’ need to be engineer to be  a safety professional, you do not pick your title because the list with people is the longest. How to pick your title and which title to pick is important.

In our view what is important is that you behave in a professional manner when conducting safety. You do not need to be an engineer to be a safety professional, but you do need to act professionally when dealing with safety. And this is independent of whether you have an engineering degree or not. Furthermore there is a problem with the engineer title in the sense that you cannot carry it every where. For example if you want to do business in the USA you cannot claim to be an FSEng if you are also not a professional engineer according to the state you work in.

The best title to choose is TUV Functional Safety Professional. It demonstrates what you want to be, a professional when dealing with functional safety. The word professional demonstrates integrity, it demonstrates that you do a good job, it demonstrates that you can be a safety ambassador.


Frequently Asked Questions

Does everybody get certified?

At Risknowlogy and TUV SUD certainly not. First of all there are eligibility requirements. You need to qualify in order to attend the training and the examination. Second of all there is not a 100% exam passing rate. Together with TUV SUD we have set the standard in the exam and just because people fail the exam that does not mean we lower our standards. We do give people online sample questions so that they can get used to the kind of exam questions they will receive but we do not give away an actual exam questions. Not during the course, not in a test exam. It is more important to Risknowlogy and TUV SUD to keep the standard high then to have the longest list with certified people. It is not easy to pass the eligibility requirements but if you study hard, when you take the course serious, then there is nothing that stops you from getting certified.

Why does Risknowlogy cooperate with TUV SUD?

Besides the fact that TUV SUD is the largest of all TUV’s, TUV SUD and Risknowlogy have the same values that we highly respect and live by. These values are integrity, respect for life and environment, passion for functional safety, safety above profit, and a practical approach to everything. Furthermore TUV SUD was the pioneer when it came to functional safety and started it all in the sixties when a pipeline was built between Germany and Italy. Their knowledge exceeds many “experts” in industry.

Your competence certificates are valid for life?

Personal certificates are valid for life. Just like BSc, MSc, and PhD’s are valid for life. This does not take away your responsibility to keep your knowledge up to date for as long as you are working in the SIL field. It is the responsibility of your employer to decide whether you are still competent or not to perform SIL projects. If you got your certificate 10 years ago, and then went on to sell cars, and today you want to get back into the SIL business then we suggest you first get trained again and update your certificate. Just use common sense.

I know your certificate is valid for life but can I renew my certificate if I want to?

Yes you can. And sometimes it makes sense to do so. For example when a new version of a functional safety standards is released, you can update your certificate with the latest version of the standard. Depending on how much has changed in the standard you might have to do a new exam to get it renewed.