Risknowlogy New 2020 Training Experience


You too can empower your competency to facilitate your projects compliance with international standards, without unreasonable impact on your work activities and uncertainty on your result. With trainings

  • That elevate your knowledge, confidence and competitiveness.
  • That contribute to your professional intelligence, effectiveness and prosperity.

Undoubtedly your competence development, your business deliverables and results deserve the best when it comes to safety. And it all starts with knowledge and training.

At Risknowlogy training is a lifetime experience and now it is enriched with new features and modalities to ease even more so the learning process.

Risknowlogy New 2020 Training modalities

Attend a specialist training course in the best modality that fits your need and reality — you can choose from dLearning, eLearning or fLearning options.




distance learning electronic learning face to face learning
Online Online In-person
With a live trainer and peer fellows On your own at your own pace Face to face with a trainer
and peer fellows
Deliver in 1/2 or 1-day online training sessions Unlimited access to recorded training sessions
for a 12-month period
Full-day training sessions during office hours
Videoconference* Learning platform Real classroom*
Digital training material Digital training material Paper training material
Access to knowledge base Access to knowledge base Access to knowledge base
Access to support forum Access to support forum Access to support forum
Self-test Self-test Self-test
Mock exam Mock exam Mock exam
 Revision with guidelines  Revision with guidelines  Revision with guidelines
 Revision with live trainer Revision with trainer
Final Assessment
Examination online
after training**
Examination online
when ready**
Examination at the venue
after training**
Retake exam included Retake exam included Retake exam included
Certification of competency Certification of competency Certification of competency

* In-house option available upon request
** Depending on the training course the examination can include multiple-choice questions, open questions, case studies, or all three.

See the training courses description for actual features and details.

Risknowlogy New 2020 Training Experience

At Risknowlogy training is a lifetime experience.
New modalities or ways are now available to follow trainings on functional safety and SIL.

New Risknowlogy Training experienceYour training experience with Risknowlogy initiates before the first lesson. For each of the above modalities, we offer a full training experience. It all starts with your PREPARATION phase with access to

  • Technical resources created by experts and posted in the knowledge base,
  • FAQ on functional safety,
  • Peer fellows and experts with whom you can exchange in forums.

In the initial ASSESSMENT phase, you can evaluate yourself and see where you are currently standing with your knowledge on functional safety and SIL. Various options are available online for this first assessment

  • Self-test,
  • Mock exam questions.

Once you feel it is the right time, the next phase in the training experience is to attend your course in the preferred selected modality — see above table for details.

  • dLearning,
  • eLearning
  • fLearning.

Your final ASSESSMENT includes during the class, firstly

  • Self-test,
  • Guided revisions,
  • Q&A with your trainer,

And additional

  • Self-test,
  • Mock exam questions.

Secondly, your final exam or test after the completion of the course. Or your case study preparation and submissions within one-year after the class, according to the training scheme.

Once you successfully passed the exam or obtained a positive review of your case study, your result, i.e. your certificate of competence, is stored in your Risknowlogy safety passport™.

Your safety passport is a unique and personal record of your achievements in the field of risk, reliability and safety. It is accessible wherever and whenever by whoever needs to have a proof of your competence.

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