SIL Verification and Calculation Training IEC 61511

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Functional Safety and SIL for Safety Instrumented Systems Training Stamp

  • Length: 2 Days
  • CPD: 12 hours
  • Personal Development Program(s): Prime Intelligence
  • Exam: Yes
  • Certification title:
    • Functional Safety Specialist (after exam)
    • Functional Safety Professional (after case studies)
  • Safety passport: Yes
  • Availability: Public, Online, In house

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Course Description

This two day course/workshop teaches the attendees how to do SIL Verification including the SIL Calculation according to functional safety standards. This course will help you streamline your SIL verification processes. It will teach you how to demonstrate that SIFs are truly SIL compliant. This course comes with many case studies and you will have access to our SIL Master calculation tool to create PFD calculations according to IEC 61508.

You have two certification options. After the course you can take an online exam and get your knowledge certified. You will receive a Certified Specialist certificate which represents a knowledge certificate.

Once you pass the exam you can also submit 2 case studies. These case studies, if ok, lead to a Certified Professional in SIL Verification certificate. This type of certificate represents practical experience in SIL verification.

What you will get

All participants get:

  • The course material in printed format
  • A Risknowlogy Certificate of Attendance
  • A Risknowlogy Safety Passport


  • SIL Verification checklists in excel format
  • SIL verification report template
  • Upon successful completion of the post-course exam you receive a knowledge certificate with the title Risknowlogy Certified Specialist.
  • If yo decide to also submit 2 case studies a role certificate with the title Risknowlogy Certified Professional in SIL Verification.

Who should attend SIL Verification and Calculation training?

Any professionals working directly or indirectly in their workplace with functional safety and SIL when designing and/or building Safety Instrumented Systems.

Course content

Day 1

  • Introduction to SIS and Verification
  • Introduction to SIL Verification
  • Verify the safety function
  • Verify the safety requirements specification
  • Verify the architecture and hardware

Day 2

  • Perform and verify PFDavg and PFH calculations using our SIL Master calculation tool
  • Verify application software and device configuration/parametrisation
  • Verify basic safety & user documentation
  • Verify validation (FAT, iFAT, and SAT)
  • Risknowlogy Certification Program
  • Exam (for specialist certification)

Within six months (optional)

  • Submit two case studies (for professional certification)
  • Extra cost apply

Personal Development

Participants in the Functional Safety and SIL for Safety Systems training course can further develop their SIL skills be attending the following courses:

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Thank you so much for the training session. I really enjoyed and learned lots from it. The course material was very well designed, practical and valuable. I hope that I will have the opportunity to have another courses with you in the future.
Abudaziz A.A., Oman
Interesting details to follow up why SIL has been achieved. The SIL Calculations and the checklist did the trick.
Anonymous, UAE
This is a very good course for SIS engineers. It thought me practically how to verify the SIL for a SIS. Excellent instructor.
Anonymous, Kuwait
The course content is so related to my core business and the checklists are very useful. I would recommend this to all my colleagues.
Anonymous, Bahrain
I learned how to do PFD calculations myself. All risk engineers should know the work others should do.
A. Al-Azizi, Occidental, Oman
All parties involved in SIS needs this course to do their work correctly. The checklist provided are priceless.
Anonymous, UAE
It was a very useful course. I gained important knowledge and a lot of information. I recommend it to all my colleagues.
Abdullah, Occidental, Oman
This course supports also the existing safety systems already designed. The exercises were excellent.
Abdulbaqi. A, Occidental, Oman
Trainer clearly explained the SIL concepts as they apply to SIS and I feel that I learned something really valuable for my job and career.
R. Saravannan, Petronash, UAE
Absolutely nothing negative about this course. A must follow course for if you want to get certified in SIL.
Prince Presannan, Alkhorayef, Kuwait
It’s a must course for all professionals associated with functional safety
Sudhir Bane, EGA, UAE
Very informative and at the right pace.
Siew Aun Kung Lim, ABS Group, UAE
Safety is a mandatory subject in our company and in order to achieve it we must attend trainings courses like these.
Reem Al Shkeili, EGA, UAE

In order to achieve the knowledge certificate associated with this SIL Verification and Calculation training course the applicants need to meet the following criteria:

  1. Fill out the Application Form
  2. Applicant is certified Functional Safety Engineer, Professional or Specialist
  3. Have 2 references that can confirm the experience
  4. Participate at least one time this training
  5. Pass the associated exam

About the case studies

This SIL Verification and Calculation Training IEC 61511 comes with personal certification which you can achieve after passing the exam, i.e., the case studies. You need to submit two case studies to prove that you gained the knowledge from the course and that you know how to perform SIL Verification. You select two independent safety instrumented functions and you use our checklists that we provide you with during the course to perform your verification. Your case studies will be reviewed by a Risknowlogy expert and upon succesfull completion you will receive your knowledge certificate with the title Risknowlogy Certified Specialist.

Every participant in our training courses receives a personal Safety Passport®. Your personal Safety Passport is an online independently verified track record demonstrating you competency. An example of a Safety Passport is given here. Your Safety Passport can hold:

  • Knowledge certificates achieved through training,
  • Role or field based certification achieved through practical experience, and
  • Participation in qualified events

The Safety Passport is free of charge for Risknowlogy clients.

Our personal development training and certification program is compliant with ISO 17024, the standard for people certification. We strive to offer you the best personal training, development and certification program in the world. Where applicable we cooperate with industry organisations like TUV, ISA, IEEE, DIN, to have our courses approved.

Our trainers are:

  • Dr. Michel Houtermans
  • Mandar Phadke
  • Didier Turcinovic
  • Ricardo Vittoni

Frequently Asked Questions – FAQ

Why should I attend?
The functional safety standards (IEC 61511) require that anybody involved in safety lifecycle activities shall be competent to carry out the activates for which they are accountable. Use this course, examination and certification to prove to your clients, peers and management that you are competent in the field of functional safety. When you pass the examination you get your functional safety knowledge certified and can use the certificate to demonstrate your competency.
Can I take the exam without following the course?
It is not allowed by the accreditation we have. You have to take the course at least one time.
How long is the certification valid?
The certificate is valid for life. In practice that means as long as there is no new version of the standards.