Functional Safety, SIL and Cyber Security Training

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  • Length: 1 Day
  • CPD: 8 hours
  • Personal Development Program(s): SILComp
  • Exam: No
  • Certification: Attendance
  • Safety passport: Yes
  • Availability: Public, In house

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Course Description


Are you asking  yourself the following questions?

  • Risknowlogy-Certified-CompetencyWhat is SIL?
  • What does Functional Safety mean?
  • How does Cyber Security affect SIL and Functional Safety?
  • Which products / devices need to be SIL compliant?
  • What does it mean to be SIL compliant?
  • How does SIL affect my work and my company?
  • What role does certification play in the SIL business
  • Can certification benefit me?
  • What are the roles/positions of TUV and the Insurance companies?
  • How do I demonstrate my competency in SIL?
  • Can we use SIL to demonstrate competitive advantage?

We are here to answer those questions and more – IN JUST ONE DAY

We built products in protection and safety domain, having this fundamental knowledge is absolutely necessary. Great content, complex subject explained in simplest way and all examples were relevant to our domain and product.
Abhijit Thakoor

Course Objective

It is our objective to give you a basic introduction to Functional Safety, SIL and Cyber Security without going into the technical details but with enough information for you to understand what SIL and functional safety means and how it is affected by Cyber Security and how it affects your work, your products and services and your company.

After this course you will be knowledgeable enough to understand whether SIL is for you or not. If the answer is yes, then you will know how it affects you and in which direction you need to go to successfully implement SIL and Functional Safety including how it is affected by Cyber Security.

As a next step you will want to deepen your knowledge on Functional Safety and become a certified Functional Safety Engineer, Professional or Specialist by following our certification training courses.

This course was very well organised with all important topics covered in time. The trainer was experienced and had good knowledge.
Jatin Patel, HPCL

What you will get

All applicants receive:

Course information

  • Course dates: See Dates and Locations on the right
  • Course material language: English
  • Course instruction language: English, Dutch, German, French, Italian, Spanish
  • Duration: 1 day!

Who has attended this training course?

This one day introduction is suitable for any stakeholder involved in or with functional safety and SIL  in the automation, automotive, oil & gas, chemical, processing, railway, and nuclear industries. The event has been attended by:

  • Company owners
  • Department managers
  • Hardware engineers
  • Software engineers
  • Quality assurance managers
  • Reliability engineers
  • Safety engineers
  • Purchasers
  • Human Resources managers
I liked the learning through example and knowing about strategies to implement safety was a must learn lesson.
Shruti Palan

What does the Functional Safety, SIL and Cyber Security Training cover?

  • What is functional safety?
  • Functional safety standards (IEC 61508, IEC 61511, IEC 62061, ISO 26262, EN 50126, EN 50128, EN 50129, etc)
  • The importance of functional safety management
  • The fundamentals of hazard and risk analysis
  • Important hardware selection and design concepts
  • The famous PFD calculations
  • The role of software (embedded, application logic and utility software)
  • The role of cyber security in relation to SIS
  • Conclusions

Our training and people certification program is designed to be compliant with ISO 17204, the standard for people certification.

Our trainers are:

  • Dr. Michel Houtermans
  • Parag Nernurkar
  • Mandar Phadke
  • Didier Turcinovic
  • Ricardo Vittoni

Testimonials Functional Safety, SIL and Cybersecurity

Very good content, interactive session. Lots of information is covered in a comprehensive way.
Sinora Daniels
Attending this course will help to make better quality products and helps sharpening individual skills. It gives a better understanding on high levels of SIL, SIF and cyber security.
Ashi Gupta
Trainer has good technical knowledge about SIL
Atul Bhanushali
Good course with decent depth in each topic.
Kanak Mhatre
Teaches about importance of safe products and safe behavior of products. Contents are good, trainer is good.
Pradeep Varma, Baker Hughes
I got to understand the meaning and necessity of safety equipment and procedures that I deal with.
Amit Gupta, HPCL
Informative and relevant topics.
H. Sreedhar
I am aware now of the risk reduction requirement in order to achieve safe operation and asset protection.
Ayush Goyal