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At Risknowlogy, we believe training is not a cost. It’s an investment in the success of a company’s employees and the success of the company itself.

As an employee, the more you know about SIL and Functional Safety, the easier it is for you to integrate that knowledge, to do your job better, and to advance your career.

A company that provides SIL and Functional Safety training helps ensure that the organization performs up to industry standards and makes things safe for the end user. Risknowlogy training can be the difference between being compliant or losing your license; between winning and losing new clients, between being profitable or struggling to remain competitive.

Risknowlogy provides the SILComp and Functional Safety training employees need to perform successfully and companies need to remain compliant and grow.

We offer training courses at two levels – Basic training courses for those who need to quickly understand the fundamentals; and Advanced training courses for professionals and specialists. But the learning doesn’t end when a training course is over. In addition to the knowledge employees gain in the classroom, Risknowlogy hosts Prime Intelligence events where we share updates on the latest technical developments and standards.

Risknowlogy trains and certifies competence all over the world. Contact us today to get started.

Training that keeps your employees knowledgable, your customers safe, and your business competitive.

Risknowlogy Training Experience

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