Testimonials – India

This is what students have to say about our training courses in India.

Functional Safety and SIL for Safety Instrumented Systems

It is good to get the knowledge about what is functional safety and how to implement it as per standard requirements. Content is very good, specially for new professionals who do not have background in functional safety. The trainer was excellent, he listed patiently to all queries and tried to answer all of them.
S.A. Fatangare, Citec Engineering, India
Best knowledge and information of functional safety in one course available.
S. Gole, Independent Professional, India
Everybody involved in SIS should follow this course. Great knowledge.
H. Pandey, NM Automation, India
Course gives overview of all the safety life cycle. the trainer is very good in explaining things with regular real life examples. Things get clear easily this way.
Y. B. Sarode, Pinnacle Industrial Controls, India
Very helpful in growing awareness about functional safety management and in building skills related to hazard and risk analysis and SIF and SIS design. It clearly explains the importance of functional safety in in the various stages of the life cycle.
U. S. Shete, Sulzer, India
This course met my requirements and gave me lots of functional safety knowledge and awareness.
M. Shujauddin, Saudi Aramco, Saudi
Gained a lot of knowledge.
R. Thakur, N.M. Automation, India
This course is important for any process industry professional. It teaches functional safety and we as SI understand our role.
D. Trividi, N.M. Automation, India
Teaches you to work in a systematic way, to organise, plan and schedule. I enjoyed the structured way of teaching and the interactivity of the course.
A.Watule, Pinnacle Industrial Controls, India
Very good course. All my practical questions were answered.
P. Atre, Thyssenkrupp, India