Ricardo Vittoni

risknowlogy 2013-07-19

Ricardo A. Vittoni’s interest in the field started at an early age. He started studying Electronics in high school in Argentina. He had big plans but, at that point in time, the transition to where he is now was only a dream. During his early days, he continued evolving in the matter by reaching to be one of the first guys in his country to program PLC’s, HMI’s and SCADA’s, as well as integrating them with standard and motion drive systems in the nineties. Meanwhile, he continued his studies in electromechanical engineering at the university, but he finally quit before starting the 5th year, because he found his practical knowledge was better than which he received at the university (at least he thought that…).

In 2000 he was 45, younger people were capable to do his job for less money and he wanted to continue growing professionally, so he decided to move forward and look for something different in automation. Then he found the new IEC 61508 and a concept called “safe automation”. He saw that as a new great opportunity to be the first one to take that new thing to his country, so he did it. He worked hardly 4 years, being integrator, salesman, advisor and teacher on safe automation matters (machinery safety and process safety) and IEC standards, giving support to vendors like Pilz, Rockwell Automation and ICS-Triplex among others. In 2003, he integrated the committee which organized “SISIS 2003”, the Safety Instrumented Systems International Symposium, the first one of this kind in the American Continent. Business then started to go better for Mr. Vittoni: people in his country “discovered” he really knew about functional safety and SIS (at least, he looked to know…). Mr. Vittoni thought it was time, then, to return to University and after four years, he got his degree in Occupational Health, Safety and Industrial Hygiene in 2008. On the other hand, Mr. Vittoni had joined Dr. Michel Houtermans in 2003 and started to learn from him and his experience. In 2006, TUV Rheinland recognized Mr. Vittoni as a functional safety expert and later on, in 2009, TUV SUD recognized him as well.

Meanwhile, Mr. Vittoni had started to work for Risknowlogy: in 2007 he started to teach the functional safety certification course; in 2008 was appointed to manage the Argentinian office. Later on, in 2012, Mr. Vittoni opened the Colombian office and recently, in 2014, the new Risknowlogy headquarters for Latin America in Uruguay.

Mr. Vittoni also has a personal life. He met Liliana in 1986 and they are currently celebrating 26 years of life together. They have two daughters, one son and a couple of grandchildren, who do their life very happy. Mr. Vittoni is now at the age when a man starts to think about retirement… Wait, just disregard the last comment 🙂