The system integrator is in between

System Integrators are positioned in between End Users and EPCs on one hand and the product suppliers on the other hand. The system Integrator is often the expert in safety critical logic solvers and provides sound experience in End User applications. They are the once that need to provide complex engineering solutions for automation problems. System Integrators play a critical role and their relationship with end users and EPCs can be for life…. if they manage it well.

System integrators benefit from long term relationships with their end-users and EPC. One way of doing this is by certifying the functional safety management procedures the system integrator uses to implement the logic solvers. These logic solvers need to be IEC 61511 / IEC 61508 compliant and the only way this can be achieved is by having the right work processes in place.

Risknowlogy helps you getting the procedures in place to demonstrate that you can do system integration projects according to IEC 61508 and/or IEC 61511.