eLearning Functional Safety Management training


Functional Safety Management training for project engineers, project managers and department managers dealing with functional safety.



eLearning Functional Safety Management training


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Customer testimonials

“The FSM course, I loved it. Especially because, even though I have 15 yrs of prime experience in this field of process safety, and I had used IEC code’s for the matter of SIL determination, I have never seemed to understand the core concepts, and especially the difference between verification, validation, assessment, audit. I would recommend this course for all managers and professionals involved in functional safety and SIL.” – Rahul Patteri – OQ, Oman

“Before this course, functional safety has been different, loosely connected parts. Now everything is put together into a unit. And this e-learning version make it possible to pause, reflect and repeat if necessary. This experience greatly increases learning.” Peter Fagerström – Siemens, Sweden

Course Description

Risknowlogy offers the online Functional Safety Management training course for project and department managers that manage directly or indirectly safety systems or projects related to safety systems. You will learn about Functional Safety Management or FSM as it is intended by the functional safety standards, including best practices in the industry.

When you complete this course, you will understand what FSM means, how it applies and what it means for your company and your job.

What you will get

When you choose the “Training only” option you get:

  • Online access for one year.
  • Exam.
  • Certificate of attendance.
  • Safety passport.

Optional 1

When you choose the “Training with certification” option, you will get

  • All of the above, plus
  • Certificate-based on exam results, see Knowledge Certification below.

Optional 2

Additionally you can buy our functional safety management templates and speed up your functional safety management system implementation. The functional safety management templates include:

  • Functional safety plan template
  • Verification plan template
  • Assessment plan template
  • Competency procedure template
  • Supplier procedure template
  • Modification procedure template
  • Communication procedure template
  • Configuration management template


Knowledge Certification

Functional Safety Management Training or FSM training certificate

Your FSM Specialist certificate

This course comes with an exam and a personal knowledge certificate.

  • Functional Safety Specialist certificate for those that obtain 60% or higher on the exam
  • Functional Safety Specialist with distinction certificate for those that obtain 85% or higher on the exam
  • Certificate of Attendance for that that do not pass the exam

Who should attend the Functional Safety Management training?

Any professional interested in the management of functional safety and SIL for any project. This course is suitable for functional safety engineers, functional safety managers and department managers working as:

  • End-users
  • EPCs
  • OEMs
  • System integrators
  • Product developers
  • Consultants
  • Third parties

Course content

  • Introduction
  • Introduction to Functional Safety Management
  • Five core functional safety management concepts
    1. Lifecycles
    2. Competencies
    3. Verification, validation, assessment and audits
    4. Documentation
    5. Procedures

Bonus material

  • Business case for functional safety
  • FSM world according to IEC 61508
  • FSM world according to the process industry – IEC 61511
  • FSM world according to the railway industry EN 50126, EN 50128, EN 50129
  • Soon more standards are coming.

Personal Development

Participants in the Functional Safety Management training or FSM training course can further demonstrate their FSM experience by having their real practical experience certified with a role certificate:

  • Certified Professional: >40 hours practical experience as FS Manager
  • Certified Expert: >1500 hours practical experience as FS Manager
  • Certified Master: >3000 hours practical experience as FS Manager

Additional information

Training options

Training and exam, Training, exam + PFD with course material, Training, exam and certification, Training, exam, and certication + PDF with course material