Competency Certification




How to get certified?

Competency certification is a two step process. Step 1 – Registration, Step 2 – Certification

Step 1: To start the competency certification you start by registering and paying the registration fee. From the options above select the Registration Fee option. After paying the fee we will send you instruction for all the information you need to deliver. This will start the certification process.

The registration fee is non-refundable.

Step 2: When all steps of the competency certification are successful you pay the certification fee.

How long will the certification process take?

The certification of your competency can take any where from 1-6 months depending on your competence file.

What competencies can be certified?

An overview of the competencies we certify is listed here:

Safety Passport

After certification you receive a Certificate and we update your online Safety Passport. Look at the John Doe safety passport for a preview. There are currently 3047 Safety Passport holders.


Additional information

Fee options

Certification Fee, Registration Fee, Renewal Fee

Competence Certificates

Field – Functional Safety, Field – Reliability, Field – Risk, Functional Safety Assessor, Functional Safety Manager, HAZOP Facilitator / Chairman, LOPA Facilitator / Chairman, Railway Assessor, Railway Requirements Manager, Railway Validator, Railway Verifier