SIL Verification and Calculation workshop: A new way of working

risknowlogy 2013-10-24

Why this course?

We won this big project and now we need to proof that the safety instrumented functions we designed are actually SIL compliant. How do we do that? How do I know my people did the right job according to IEC 61511? This course will stream line your SIL verification process. It will teach you what is needed to demonstrate that SIFs are SIL compliant. If you follow this program your professionals will do the work correctly and we Risknowlogy can certify the work. A win-win-win situation. Your customer wins, you win and we win.

Objective SIL Verification and Calculation Workshop

The objective of the course is to give Functional Safety Professionals in depth and practical experience of SIL Verification and Calculation according to IEC 61511. Delegates who successfully pass the concluding examination and who deliver two case studies can have their competence certified. And, when you are certified you can get your next project assessed and certified through the Risknowlogy Functional Safety Certification Program.

Course information

  • Course dates: See our public schedule, in-house training available upon request
  • Course exam date: One day after the course
  • Course material language: English
  • Course instruction language: English, Dutch, German, French, Italian, Spanish
  • Course exam language: English
  • Duration: 2 days + exam

Get Certified

Risknowlogy offers the opportunity to get your competence in SIL Verification and Calculation certified. In order to achieve certification the following eligibility requirements apply:

  • Delegate needs to be a certified Functional Safety Professional
  • Delegate needs to follow this course
  • Delegate needs to pass the associated exam
  • Delegate needs to submit two case studies and get them approved

Why do you need to be a certified Functional Safety Professional to attend?

This workshop assumes you are knowledgeable in the field of functional safety. You cannot attend this course if you do not understand basic functional safety principles. By being a certified Functional Safety Professional you have demonstrated that you have the minimum knowledge to attend this course and be successfull.

Why should you attend?

IEC 61511 requires you to demonstrate your competence. This course helps you to demonstrate your competence in SIL Verification and Calculation.


You can attend this course if you are a certified Functional Safety Professional.

What if I am not a certified Functional Safety Professional?

It is essential that you follow the FSCC – Functional Safety for SIS Professional course prior to this workshop.

What will you learn?

After this workshop you will be able:

  • To verify the SRS
  • To verify the HW and SW Design
  • To select the right hardware (including embedded software)
  • To verify basic safety
  • To understand the significance of the safety manual and equipment user documentation
  • To verify the results of the pre-FAT, FAT, iFAT, and SAT (validation)
  • To judge whether a safety instrumented functions meets the requirements of IEC 61511
  • To calculate the PDFavg and PFH of the loops including proof test and repair strategies
  • To document your verification activities such that the results can be certified

What you will cover

The course will cover:

  • Introduction to SIS and Verification
  • Introduction to SIL Verification
  • The safety function
  • Safety requirements specification
  • Architecture and hardware
  • PFDavg and PFH calculations
  • Application software and device configuration/parametrization
  • Basic safety & user documentation
  • Validation (FAT, iFAT, and SAT)
  • Risknowlogy Certification Program

What you will get

All delegates receive:

  • An invoice before the course starts (ha ha)
  • The course material in printed format
  • Access to our online Calculation Tool during the course valid for 1 month following the course
  • A Risknowlogy Certificate of Completion
  • Upon successful completion of the exam and two case studies a Risknowlogy certificate and a listing on our website website
    • The Risknowlogy certification is valid for life
    • The Risknowlogy certification is recognized world wide