Safety Analysis & Management

“Safety costs money…”. Not really. If you think safety is expensive try an accident. Risknowlogy research has indicated that an accident costs about 8-10 times its investment. With these kind of risk levels one would think there should be plenty of resources available to conduct safety analysis and implement safety solutions.

We need to change the corporate attitude about safety and make sure managers start to look at safety as a profit center. Yes it is possible. If you understand the safety related issues of your product, system or process you have such deep knowledge that you can change and improve your product, system, or process for the benefit of all. In the long run an investment in safety is always a good investment with a higher ROI then you can imagine. Good safety lowers your risk.

When it comes to safety systems functional safety is the keyword. Risknowlogy is a pioneer in the field of functional safety and its expertise in IEC 61508 and related standards is recognized world wide.

Risknowlogy offers the following solutions

  • IEC 61508, 61511, 62061 engineering and compliance services
  • Hardware, software and systems safety, engineering and analysis
  • Independent verification, validation, audits and assessments
  • Functional safety management
  • Functional safety assessment
  • SIL analysis and verification
  • Reliability calculations on safety systems
  • Spurious Trip Analysis
  • Safety certification

Example projects

  • Functional safety certification – Certified By Risknowlogy
  • Tunnel safety audits

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