Proven In Use for Product Manufactures

Product manufactures can use the Proven In Use service of Risknowlogy to get an independent review of their product(s). Once the review has been carried out and the product(s) meet the Proven In Use requirements the product manufacturer can use the Risknowlogy report to convince end-users of the “safe” capabilities of their products and compliance with IEC 61508 and/or IEC 61511. Get one review done and convince all end-users.

Proven In Use For End Users

Risknowlogy offers end-users everything they need to apply the Proven In Use concept to their facilities. We can help you select product manufactures, Proven In Use components, and verify your own procedures for Proven In Use. You can also hire Risknowlogy to verify the Proven In Use claims of product manufacturers. Use our independent report to convince management, insurance companies and local governments that your safety procedures are in place and verified by an independent party.