Over the years different variations of the FMEA approach have been developed and introduced to the market. Risknowlogy can support you with any kind of FMEA approach. Whether you need the standard FMEA approach or an FMECA (Failure mode, effect and criticality analysis) or FMEDA (Failure mode, effect and diagnostics analysis), Risknowlogy can support you and even help you adjust the FMEA methodology to your unique situation.

Risknowlogy has several standard templates available that you can apply for product or process FMEAs. We can even support your company to comply with the following regulations and methodologies:

– ISO/TS 16949 – SAE ARP – SAE J1739 – MIL-STD-1629 – QS 9000 – Advanced Product Quality Planning (APQP)

IEC 61508 and TUV approved FMEAs

Risknowlogy has partnered with TUV Rheinland, the world leader in functional safety certification. If desired by you, we can make sure that the FMEA report not only complies with IEC 61508 (and related standards) but also with the TUV procedures for functional safety. Do you want to impress your customers? Or do you want to submit your product for TUV certification then do not waste your time and come to Risknowlogy to have your FMEA done the right way. A TUV style FMEA which complies with IEC 61508 can be used to calculate Safe Failure Fractions, SIL levels, Probabilities of Failure on Demand or Fail Safe. A TUV FMEA is a must for any company dealing with safety functions.

Training Risknowlogy can organize an in-house training session that will help your engineers to get a quick start on the FMEA methodology. Our one day training will explain the full theory behind FMEA and all its variation but will focus on the typical products and processes of your company.