Enterprise Risk Management

Traditionally businesses are measured in 3 basic ways:

  • Top-line business turnover
  • Bottom-line profit
  • Overall risk exposure

Whereas a lot of attention is being put on the first two, the risk dimension is sometimes neglected. In order to make sure that your turnover and profit are not just taking place this year and next year, but on a continuous basis, come what may, a professional risk management approach is required.

The risk management approach should cover all types of risks, from technical risk to project risk, from supplier risk to political risk and not forgetting personal risk.

We will find it

No matter which risks your enterprise is exposed to, it will need to be identified and mapped, quantified, documented, mitigated as far as possible, and farmed out or eliminated if necessary. The Risknowlogy business consulting team will support your efforts in this direction.

A kernel of enterprise risk management is the Occupational Health and Safety Regime. This is extended by the concept of a professional and failure proof safety system architecture. Risk management tools and techniques are needed to attain a complete and integral approach. Typical classes of risk exposure that may exist for your company are:

  • Technical risk
  • Environmental risk
  • Risk of injury or death for workforce
  • Project risk
  • Financial risk
  • Personal risk to management

Risknowlogy offers the following solutions

  • Business consulting
  • Business impact analysis
  • Threat and opportunity analysis
  • Vulnerability assessment
  • Risk Assessment, -documenting and -reporting
  • Management risk controlling
  • Reducing exposure
  • Development of crisis plans
  • Penetration testing