Your enterprise has probably proven itself to be survivable during peace times. Ever wondered how your corporation will fare in times of economic turmoil, political instability or civil unrest? What about a pandemic situation, embargo, trade war or sudden exchange rate shift? Inflation, rocketing interest rates, increased credit risk? Let alone war, terrorism, blackmail, sabotage, industrial espionage…

Unforeseen external events may have a strong bearing on your business operation. Will they be able to put you out of business? Not if you are prepared, probably. Past crisis situations have always filtered out the true survivors, putting them in a situation of temporarily limited competition and near unlimited growth possibilities for the time after the event.

To be prepared for any eventuality, without losing ground in the current business situation – this is what business continuity management is all about. Proven methodologies are at your disposal. Risknowlogy’s business consulting team will put them in practice and support your company.

Risknowlogy offers the following solutions

  • Building business resilience
  • Developing emergency procedures
  • Developing business continuity plans,
  • Developing pandemic preparedness plans
  • Developing recovery routines
  • Roll-out, implementation, training
  • Assessment of supply chain dependability
  • Ensuring organizational acceptance
  • Monitoring the level of preparedness, testing and validation
  • Maintenance of documentation
  • Training for crisis management
  • Future studies and scenario methods