The Risknowlogy Safety Passport – the new industry standard

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So far 3047 Risknowlogy Safety Passports have been issued to respected professionals all over the world. The Safety Passport has become the industry standard. As such it demonstrates its holder’s commitment to actively maintaining their competency through education, training and updates. The Safety Passport is a publicly accessible competence record of: all certifications in risk, reliability and/or safety related courses – offered by Risknowlogy and/or other recognized industry organizations.

The Passport is a secure online record of all Risk, Reliability and Safety training courses, competency, certificates and events. Each Passport tracks and documents its holder’s demonstrated competency and expertise in the fundamentals as well as in specialties like HAZOP, LOPA, Markov, Functional, Safe Application Software Programming. It includes

  • Name of the professional
  • Unique ID number
  • Courses attended and certificates achieved
  • Competencies and certificates achieved
  • Related events


How to apply for The Risknowlogy Safety Passport.

The Passport is a validated, internationally recognized record of a professional’s competency; of everything they have learned related to risk, reliability, and safety – in one place. Anyone who has taken formal training in risk, reliability and/or safety subject matter is eligible to apply. Safety Passport holders are eligible to publicly promote their professional competence. If you have taken or are currently enrolled in a Risknowlogy training course, you will receive your Passport at no extra charge. If you have been trained or received certificates elsewhere, you can also apply and once Risknowlogy has verified your external certificates (at a nominal cost) your Safety Passport will be issued.

NOTE: Risknowlogy Passport holders are automatically notified of any upcoming events related to risk, reliability, and safety.

Apply for your Safety Passport

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Who can apply for a Risknowlogy Safety Passport?

Anybody with formal training in risks, reliability and/or safety subject matters can apply.