Risknowlogy performs HAZOP studies in Talara, Peru

risknowlogy 2011-08-31

Clients receives over 200 recommendations to reduce risk

Buenos Aires, Argentina — 31 August 2011 — Risknowlogy®, a leading provider of services, engineering, consulting, training and certification in the fields of risk, reliability, and safety, announced today that it completed the HAZOP studies for 16 operational facilities in the vicinity of the city of Talara (Piura) Peru.

The client requested Risknowlogy to perform risk studies for different operational facilities. The studies included visits to each of its plants, conducting HAZOP study workshops, and documenting the results in technical reports, complying with the requirements determined in Resolution OSINERGMIN No. 240-2010-OS/CD1.

The workshops were held in the auditorium of the client’s operating facilities in Block I in Talara, Peru. Risk studies were performed for seven (7) oil battery production units, one (1) compressor station for natural gas, one (1) re-pumping station, one (1) storage tank farm for crude oil, and one (1) control tank farm for the sales of oil. Additionally for Block V the studies conducted included three (3) oil battery units, one (1) compression station and one (1) tank inspection.

Each facilities reviewed their processes for hazards and risk scenarios. The HAZOP, carried out according to IEC 16882, considered devitions from the design intend for physical variables and chemical characteristics. The working group evaluated the potential risks and determine whether existing safeguards and/or layers of protection where sufficient to reduce the risk to acceptable levels.

“The studies led by Risknowlogy included not only the risk assessment using the HAZOP technique,” said Oscar Bollmann, Senior Consultant at Risknowlogy in Argentina, “but also the generation of the necessary recommendations for risk reduction for those cases where the layers of protection were not sufficient.”

“A very important aspect of the workshops ” says Oscar Bollmann, ” was the collaborative atmosphere and the contribution of those responsible for different areas from the client’s side, who gave the group their invaluable experience and knowledge not only enriching the team but they also increased the usefullness of the outcomes of the studies performed. In the end the report resulted in over 200 recommendations.”

About the Client

The client is a major provider of services to the oil and gas industry in Peru. Today, the client provides drilling services and conducts operations involved in the exploration and production of batches I and V in Talara. The clients operates since 1998 nine fuel terminals located along the coast and highlands, is a shareholder and operator of the chemical plant in the port of Matarani, Arequipa and operates the Pure Bio Fuels terminal in April 2010. Service also provides Operations and Emergency Response Marine Terminal Pisco Camisea.

About Risknowlogy

Risknowlogy is a leading provider of technical risk, reliability, and safety services, engineering, consulting, training and certification solutions. Risknowlogy is located in Switzerland, Argentina, Germany, The Netherlands, United Arab Emirates. For more information visit http://www.risknowlogy.com