Risknowlogy Performs FMEA on Automation System Compounding Plant

risknowlogy 2008-01-31

FMEA results used to improve production availability

Schinveld, The Netherlands – – 31 January 2008 – – Risknowlogy(r), a leading provider of risk, reliability, safety and certification solutions, announced today that it completed an FMEA reliability study on the automation system for a compounding plant in Europe. The purpose of the FMEA study was to find possible causes for production unavailability due to failures of the automation system and to define solutions to overcome these potential production losses.

At this moment the new compounding plant is build. One of the focal points of the project is the very high grade of automation of the production and logistic processes. Production orders are generated in the ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) system, transferred to the MES (Manufacturing Execution System) system and downloaded to the plant automation systems. The MES system is in control of the production workflows. As the production is batch oriented lots of data for tracking and traceability are communicated. To complicate matters a wireless LAN is utilised for scanning of e.g. raw materials. The availability of the production process is highly dependent on the availability of the systems in the production chain. Risknowlogy carried out an FMEA after the first design of the automation system was finished to check the design for hidden pit falls that could lead to unacceptable production unavailability.

“This was a great opportunity for Risknowlogy to show our knowledge and experience in the field of reliability engineering and automation”, says Frank Kozole, Managing Director Risknowlogy, The Netherlands. “The complete automation system for the compounding plant is very complex due to its integrated nature. Several team sessions with clients ICT and automation specialists where needed to conduct the FMEA. Although their own work was discussed all team members had an open mind attitude and due this attitude the FMEA resulted in constructive action points to improve the design and consequently improve production availability. The results of the FMEA where presented to management who fully backed up Risknowlogy’s advice. Today the advice is incorporated into the new design which ultimately delivers a more available product process and less downtime cost.”.

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