Risknowlogy participates in ECOPETROL’s Annual Forum on Process Safety

risknowlogy 2009-04-15

Buenos Aires, Argentina – April 15 2009 – Risknowlogy®, a leading provider of risk, reliability, safety and certification solutions, announced today that is participates in ECOPETROL’s Annual Forum on Process Safety/. The forum is to be held by Ecopetrol S.A. in the city of Bucaramanga, Columbia, on May 6 to 8, 2009.

ECOPETROL’s Annual Forum on Process Safety

“We have been working together with Ecopetrol S.A. in Refinería Cartagena since almost two years, supporting them with all of the tools and knowledge we have, in order to contribute with them to reach their goals in the field of Process Safety”, says Lic. Ricardo A. Vittoni, Managing Director of Risknowlogy for Latin America. “Now Ecopetrol S.A. has honored us with their invitation for us to participate on this Forum, together with another key specialists coming from differents countries, to discuss about the most important topics on Process Safety, about the standards for its implementation and about the way to guarantee its sustainability”.

“The main objective of the Process Safety Management System of Ecopetrol S.A, is to improve operational performance, acting on the risk as to its two main components (probability and consequence) preventing and controlling losses of contention or energy of chemical products with a hazardous potential and establishing the necessary protection and control measures and actions to thus reduce potential impacts on the people, the environment, the installations and the service infrastructure” (source: Ecopetrol S.A.).

About Ecopetrol S.A.

Ecopetrol S.A. is the biggest company in Columbia and the main oil company in that country. By its size, Ecopetrol S.A. belongs to the group of the 39 largest oil companies in the world and is one of the five major in Latin America.

About Risknowlogy

Risknowlogy is a leading provider of technical risk management solutions including knowledge, services, and products in the functional safety industry. Risknowlogy’s key focus is on the clients in need of risk, reliability, security and safety engineering solutions.