Risknowlogy Leads Hazard and Risk Analysis Oil Pipeline and Tank Farm

risknowlogy 2009-03-04

Over 100 safety functions identified

Zug, Switzerland — 4 March 2009 — Risknowlogy(r), a leading provider of risk, reliability, safety and certification solutions, announced today that it made an agreement with an oil pipeline operator tolead and perform a hazard and risk analysis on their pipelines, line valve stations, pump stations, pig stations, and the tank farm. The purpose of the hazard and risk analysis was to identify hazards, their associated risks and where required the need for safety functions.

The pipeline is several hundreds of kilometers long and some parts of the pipeline are over 30 years old. Currently the operator is undertaking a project to upgrade the control and safety systems of the pipeline, the line valve stations, the pump stations, pig stations, and the tank farm. In order to understand the requirements of the new control and safety system, in terms of required functionality and reliability, an hazard and risk analysis is undertaken.

“The hazard and risk analysis on the pipeline is a great opportunity for Risknowlogy to support our client and to demonstrate our knowledge and experience in the field of risk, reliability, and safety”, says Dr. Michel Houtermans, President of Risknowlogy, Switzerland. “At first sight, the pipeline business seems to be less complex compared to, for example, a chemical plant. Nevertheless there are many potential hazards that need to be addressed as a leak of the pipeline can have not only severe economic but also severe long term environmental consequences.”.

The hazard and risk analysis consisted in the first round of hazard and operability analysis (HAZOP), hazard identification (HAZID) and failure mode and effects analysis (FMEA). All three techniques took into account the same risk criteria, safeguards, and independent protection layers (IPL). Where needed the risk analyses will be go into more detail applying other techniques like LOPA or FTA. So far the analysis have revealed over 100 safety instrumented functions in terms of IEC 61511 and improvements for operational procedures.

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