Risknowlogy in space?

risknowlogy 2015-04-16

Not yet. Risknowlogy just concluded a SILComp® IEC 61511 TUV SUD certified training course at the Evoluon in Eindhoven, The Netherlands. Having the best training in the world is one thing. Organising it in an inspiring environment gives a whole new dimension to training. “It all starts with the right venue” as they say at the Evoluon.

Risknowlogy at the Evoluon

The Evoluon used to be a science museum opened to celebrate the 75th birthday of the electronics company Philips in Eindhoven in 1996. The Evoluon was an idea of Frits Philips himself, a very idealistic man who wanted to give the people a beautiful and educational gift to celebrate the birthday of the company that bears his name. Earlier Philips had been present with big and beautiful exhibits at world expos, but later it was decided to stop doing this and use the money for a permanent building. At first the plans were to only exhibit Philips products, but later the net was widened.

We do our best to make our a training an unforgettable learning experience. Organising it in inspiring venues helps a lot. Visit our training calendar for the next trainings and venues.