Risknowlogy Certifies Valve Control Panels from SISTCON

risknowlogy 2009-09-11

Risknowlogy Certifies Valve Control Panels from SISTCON

Buenos Aires, Argentina – September 11, 2009 – Risknowlogy®, a leading provider of risk, reliability, safety and certification solutions, announced today to have completed the reliability study of SISTCON’s autocontained valve control panel series SC AUT ESDV – Pr 6213.

The main function of the autocontained panels SC AUT ESDV – Pr 6213, is to provide hydraulic fluid to power actuators in order to operate big size emergency shutdown valves (ESDV). These panels are specially designed to command shutdown valves on gas pipelines, in places where power sources do not exist or are not reliable. Each panel provides a manual hydraulic pump capable of opening and keeping the ESDV valve open, pressurizing its simple effect hydraulic actuator. In case of an emergency (remote trip signal or fire in the area) the panel allows the ESDV to close in a minimal time and under extreme climatic conditions.

Risknowlogy has carried out qualitative and quantitative reliability studies on these panels. The reliability study consisted of an FMEDA and Markov analysis to demonstrate the functional safety attributes of the panels. The results of the study are summarized in a technical report including a functional safety data sheet® (FSDS). The FSDS contains the most important functional safety properties of the panels, i.e., the SIL and STL capabilities, the safe failure fraction, the failure rates, etc. The analyses demonstrated that these panels are very reliable. They offer a safe failure fraction of more than 99 % and a very low dangerous undected failure rate during its service time of 15 years. These characteristics make them suitable, from the hardware point of view, to integrate functions up to SIL 2, or even up to SIL 3, per IEC 61508 / 61511.


has a long history of making high reliability products for the oil&gas industries. The panels 1020 I, 1002 L, 1021 F, SC_BDV_LOC_SOL_REE, SC_ESDV_CP_CSV_LOC_SOL_REE and SC_SDV_LOC_SOL are a samples of certified products for the IEC 61508 / IEC 61511 industries. For more information about SISTCON visit http://www.sistcon.com.ar

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