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risknowlogy 2008-12-01

Reliability study oval wheel meters and turbine meters

ZUG, Switzerland – – 1 December 2008 – – Risknowlogy®, a leading provider of risk, reliability, safety and certification solutions, announced today that it completed a reliability study on the Oval Wheel meters OaP and the Turbine Meters RQ. The OaP Oval Wheel Meter measures volume flow rates of liquids and liquefied gases. Applications are loading systems in the chemical and petrochemical industry, mineral oil industry and in the food and beverage industry. The RQ Series Turbine Meter measures flow of liquids and liquefied gases in the chemical and petrochemical industry, in the mineral oil industry, in the food and beverage industry and of loading systems, especially for high operating temperatures and low viscosities.

Risknowlogy has performed a qualitative and quantitative reliability study on the meters. The reliability study consisted of a failure mode and effect analysis and markov study to quantify the functional safety attributes of the sensors. The results of the study are explained an a technical report including functional safety data sheets(tm). The functional safety data sheets(tm) hold the most important functional safety properties like SIL level, SFF, failure rates, MTTFs, MTTFd, and Diagnostic Coverage.

The following models have been addressed in the study: RQ AG81/82/83 turbine meters with PV10 sensor electronic and T-11 sensor, OaP Oval Wheel Meters with AG19X or AG20X Pulse Pick Up. For more information on the different meters we refer to the data sheets available on www.burmt.de. The functional safety data sheets will be made available on the Functional Safety List.

About Bopp & Reuther Messtechnik GmbH

Bopp & Reuther founded 1872 a factory for heavy machines and pumps. Bopp & Reuther Messtechnik GmbH is a specialised branch which provides industrial flow measuring technology. The first flow meters were delivered 1923 to customers.

About Risknowlogy

Risknowlogy is a leading provider of technical risk management solutions including knowledge, services, and products in the functional safety industry. Risknowlogy’s key focus is on the clients in need of risk, reliability, security and safety engineering solutions.