Risknowlogy Certifies 24 Pressure Sensors from BD Sensors

risknowlogy 2006-02-26

Reliability study shows that 24 pressure sensors of BD Sensors achieve SIL 2

BRUNSSUM, The Netherlands – – 26 February 2006 – – Risknowlogy®, a leading provider of risk, reliability, safety and certification solutions, announced today that it completed a reliability study on 24 pressure sensors of BD Sensors, Thierstein, Germany.

Risknowlogy has performed a qualitative and quantitative reliability study on 24 different pressure sensors. The reliability study consisted of a failure mode and effect analysi and markov study to quantify the functional safety attributes of the sensors. The results of the study are explained an a technical report including functional safety data sheets(tm). The functional safety data sheets(tm) hold the most important functional safety properties like SIL level, SFF, failure rates, MTTFs, MTTFd, and Diagnostic Coverage.

BD Sensors is a specialist in pressure sensor technology. They have standard sensors and sensors for Ex protection. The sensor included in this reliability study can be used in the following applications:

  • Pressure measurements in industrial applications
  • Pressure measurements in shipbuilding and offshore applications
  • Pressure measurements in the hygienic and food processing industry
  • Submersible probe for hydrostatic level measurements
  • Level measurements for the process industry
  • Pressure measurements for the process industry
  • Plastic housing submersible probe for hydrostatic level measurements

The following models have been addressed in the study: DMK 331, DMK 331P, DMK 457, DMP 331, DMP 331P, DMP 457, LMK 307, LMK 331, LMK 807, LMP 307, LMP 308, LMP 331, LMP 808 with most sensors in the standard and Ex protection version. For more information on the different sensors we refer to the data sheets available on www.bdsensors.com. The functional safety data sheets will be made available on the Functional Safety List.

About BD Sensors

BD Sensors has over 120 employees located in Germany, Czech Republic, Russia and the Netherlands. From the first day BD Sensors was founded it has focused on electronic pressure measurement technology. The first products were two pressure transmitters and a submersible sensor, based on a stainless steel silicon sensor. Today the product range extends to more than 40 standard products, from economical OEM devices to high-end products with HART® communication or field bus interface.

About Risknowlogy

Risknowlogy is a leading provider of technical risk management solutions including knowledge, services, and products in the functional safety industry. Risknowlogy’s key focus is on the clients in need of risk, reliability, security and safety engineering solutions.