Risknowlogy Becomes Swiss Representative for IEC 61508, 61511, and 62061

risknowlogy 2008-08-28

Risknowlogy joins IEC and represents Switzerland

Zug, Switzerland – – 28 August 2008 – – Risknowlogy®, a leading provider of risk, reliability, safety and certification solutions, announced today that they joined ElectroSuisse and represent now Switzerland when it comes to functional safety standards like IEC 61508, 61511, and 62061.

Till this day Switzerland had not group members for IEC 61508, 61511 and 62061. Risknowlogy is the first Swiss company to join the Technical Committees TC65 and TC44.

“We are proud to be the first Swiss company being able to contribute to IEC with functional safety knowledge” said Dr. Michel Houtermans, Risknowlogy’s founder and president. “Our offices in The Netherlands, Argentina, Germany and Switzerland have great interest in functional safety.”.

Any other Swiss company interested in functional safety and maintaining the IEC 61508, 61511 and 62061 standards can contact Risknowlogy via www.risknowlogy.com.

About Risknowlogy Risknowlogy is a leading provider of technical risk management solutions including knowledge, services, and products in the functional safety industry. Risknowlogy’s key focus is on the clients in need of risk, reliability, security and safety engineering solutions.