Risknowlogy innovation for the greater good

At Risknowlogy we understand the importance for innovation and thus research and development (R&D). Our clients have complex problems and only through research we can help solve these problems. Our R&D is focused helping business to be safe for the greater good.

Risknowlogy invests in research and development (R&D) to create new and innovative products and services. R&D is part of our strategy helps us to maintain a leading role. We invest in R&D related to risk, reliability and safety and cooperate with universities and research centra. Typical examples of problems that Risknowlogy has sponsored through academia include:

Acceptable Risk and Risk Calibration

The purpose of this research project is to develop a consistent methodology that an end-user can use to determine its acceptable risk and to calibrate the risk matrix and or risk graph.

Assessing the Quality of Reliability Data

The purpose of this research project was to develop a methodology that enabled us to assign a quality factor to existing reliability data. Many different data sources exist in the world. Not all the data that is presented is of the same level of quality and can therefore not always be used and trusted.

Learning from data – Bayesian statistics to reduce uncertainty in reliability data

The goal of this research project is to identify the sources of reliability data, to represent the data accordingly and to use this data for reliability predictions. To reach this goal, information from different sources needs to be integrated considering several factors. The result is a worked out
case on how to use various sources plus specific information at operational level for reliability predictions.

Cost of accidents

Risknowlogy is investigating the cost of accidents and how it impacts business. This research is currently ongoing.