Training Certification Program

risknowlogy 2014-02-15

Job Description

Being a leader in risk, reliability and safety it is no surprise that this company turned to Risknowlogy to have a training certification programme developed in the field of functional safety according to IEC 61508, IEC 61511, and ISO 26262 including certification. Risknowlogy developed the curriculum, the training material, the associated exam and the qualification criteria for the potential candidates.

Today over 10000 professionals world wide have been trained and certified. This program has changed the industry, how it thinks and how it operates. It has changed for good and in the right direction. Personnel is more qualified to work on safety related jobs, projects are executed that actually meet international standards, in short, the level of safety in industry has improved.

Project Details

  • Competence Certification
  • Develop customised training
  • Develop exam material
  • Develop qualification criteria
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