Pipeline Risk Analysis

risknowlogy 2014-02-15

Job Description

Risknowlogy supported an oil pipeline operator to lead and perform a hazard and risk analysis on their pipelines, line valve stations, pump stations, pig stations and the associated tank farm. The purpose of the hazard and risk analysis was to identify hazards, their associated risks and, where required, the need for (new) safety functions.

Risknowlogy was responsible for leading the hazard and risk analysis. Together with experts from the operator the Risknowlogy team leader performed HAZOPs, HAZIDs and FMEAs on all parts of the pipeline. The knowledge gained from the risk analysis was kept with the operators company and was ultimately used to improve safety, manage risks and upgrade their maintenance program.

Project Details

  • Risk Matrix
  • 100+ new safety instrumented functions identified
  • 3000+ km pipeline
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